Stupid pills!

22 Nov, '06

Stupid pills!

Stupid pills!, originally uploaded by malyousif.

I’ve been taking these painkillers for my back for two weeks now and I never bothered to even look at the box. I just scream for one if the pain gets too much to handle and normally within an hour I’ll be okay.

Little did I know that I was scoffing down “stupid pills”, as my son Arif pointed out… and sure enough on the box it says “Retard Tablets”!

I feel so stupid now! πŸ˜‰

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  1. H says:

    pfffffft, what are you talking about? pills for the stupid? Now, who’s the stupid who came up with a stupid cure for being stupid? That’s stupid!!

    I wish you well Mahmood, and better health πŸ™‚

    Though, funny (no it’s really not) how it looks like you’ve taken that picture while in bed =P

  2. Maverick says:

    Hi Mahmood. Sorry to hear you have back problems. My dad just had back surgery last week. It can be painful. My suggestion is weight loss and proper dieting. The other solution is to contact Dr. Liu Jian Ping at The Chinese Medical Clinic on 17664088 or 39782513. The staff speaks with a stong Chines accent. Ask for a home visit one day before. They do treatment of acupuncture Tuina and other therapies for facial palsy, stroke, back and neck pain, disc prolapse, diabetes, athritis and many other ailments.

    The clinic is located at West Riffa. If you face the clock tower (with Awali ahead) with BDF hospital to your right and Isa Town to your back, turn left at the clock tower and then turn the first right before the signal. Address is Villa 18, Ajirah Avenue, West Riffa 904, Bahrain.

    I will pray for you. Take vitamin C soluble in water, the effervescent kind, orange juice, Vitamin B complex. They help the heal well. Also see if you need an orthopedic bed.

    Good luck.
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Maverick says:

    By the way, the RETARD is for retardation of pain.
    You are in no way stupid my friend.
    Wishing you good health.

  4. mahmood says:

    Thanks Maverick. I don’t think I need the services of acupuncture yet, but will keep an open mind about it.

  5. billT says:

    Look on the bright side they are for oral use only πŸ™‚

  6. Hey…as long as they reduce the pain, who cares what your doctor thinks of your mental ability!

  7. Always read the label.

  8. Bajesus says:

    Allah yishfeek w’matchoof shar inshallah. Btw I’m from Qatar and I’m a fan of your blog =D

  9. mahmood says:

    thanks and you’re more than welcome bajesus.

  10. Retard is for slow release tablets for longer effect.
    get well soon

    I can be your resource for medical stuff..for free
    Haitham Salman, MD

  11. Romster says:

    Try a couple of pills with Scotch…..what pain??

  12. mahmood says:

    Thanks Doc, I guessed as much but you should have seen Arif cracking up when he saw that term!

    Romster, I wouldn’t dare try such a concoction, I’ve got enough troubles as it is πŸ˜‰

  13. ammoontie says:

    Hi Mahmood,
    Have you seek the opinion of a chiropractor ?
    Acupuncture is good for certain ailments, one of my relative went for acupuncture treatment when she had a mild stroke sometime back. Alhamdullillah she has recovered.
    Take care and get well soon…

  14. Dirk_Star says:

    Saudi, partner!

    Get it?

    It’s a joke…

    sheesh, you people have no sense of humor.

  15. lauren says:

    i found you thru boing boing… if you can figure out where your gluteus minimus is (or find a good massage therapist that knows) get someone to release it using their elbow and your pain will go away. i have 2 herniated discs in my back, trust me i know. good luck. nice blog!

  16. mahmood says:

    thanks lauren, and welcome!

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