‘Bahrain is Trust’

24 Nov, '06

I was in the garden earlier when I heard the distinct sound of a microlight! I thought my ears were deceiving me until I looked up and sure enough there was one microlight dragging a banner which said “Al-Bahrain Amana” (which loosely translates to Bahrain is your trust, so don’t squander the opportunity to do your duty and vote – yes, Arabic is a rather beautiful language which is brief!).

All I had with my unfortunately is my mobile phone through which I took the following picture, which also shows the side section of the garden with the Cassia (scrambled egg tree) in full bloom.

Al-Bahrain Amana - microlight with a banner for the elections
click the picture for the larger version

Have a wonderful Friday my friends.

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  1. can we talk now says:

    my son once told me “you did not in inherit the earth from your parents, you are borrowing it from us, so you have to take care of it” i think that comes from an old american saying:

    We do not inherit the Earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children

    i dont know who said it originally. but i do know that we also did not inherit our country and we should pass it on to our children in at least the same if not much better condition than when we arrived in it.. it completely changes your perspective and makes you realize how precious our country is and how we must defend it and not let it be damaged by people who cant see beyond the end of their nose and understand what they are doing to our economy and our future.
    it really is an “amana”

  2. Anonymous says:

    حطوا بالكم على البحرين الغالية، ما يفرقكم شيئ ان شاء الله، أطيب وأخلص شعب
    is this your house garden? just beautiful

  3. CharlesWT says:

    A microlight…something to try when your back is well. =O

  4. mahmood says:

    and lost another 20kgs!

  5. can we talk now says:

    hun! do u know WHO is behind this amana thing??????????

  6. milter says:

    Well, some things must be changing in Bahrain.

    When I left for Bahrain in 1980 (is it really that long ago!) I had to leave my hangglider behind. I was told that that kind of contraptions was on the “not legal” list.

    On the concept of “trust”, I still remember my amazement when I first came across the “person to person” trust. I had never before met anybody who would leave goods worth several hundreds of dinars in my possession without any kind of written agreement. The only agreement was: “I trust you won’t abuse my trust in you”.

    But maybe it’s not that kind of trust they are thinking of, when they write “Al-Bahrain Amana” ?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Mahmood you never posted this FT article about you..


  8. mahmood says:

    Thanks for that, I did post it as a “page” rather than an article earlier this morning. I am told that my mug is also on the front page of the Financial Times today! How cool is that?! 8)

  9. mahmood says:

    Thanks Anon, yes it is.

  10. gg says:

    beautiful garden

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