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26 Nov, '06


Thanks to William Wallis’ article in the Financial Times of Nov 24th which featured Mahmood’s Den, that article has made it all over the internet, the highest profile site to follow up on it is the hugely popular Boing Boing!

So if you came here from Boing Boing’s link, you’re more than welcome. Stick around and make yourself at home and thanks for your visit and interest!

…and I hope this doesn’t get me into trouble!

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  1. Butterfly says:

    Mabrook .. you deserve all the best.

  2. Hey, “Grandpa,” I knew you back when. javascript:moreSmiliesAappendSmiley(‘=D’)

    Congratulations on your expemplary work on behalf of human freedom!

  3. salawi says:

    I saw the article on my Boing Boing RSS feed, and could not believe it. Well done Mahmood and as said in the article you are truly “The Grandfather Of Bahraini Bloggers”

  4. CharlesWT says:

    You’re getting so popular, you may have to upgrade your servers again. 🙂

  5. mahmood says:

    Thanks guys.

    Sissy you’re so right partner!

    And Charles, I think you’re correct in that… let’s see how it transpires.

  6. Skeptical says:

    You deserve it Mahmood, i rather satet it as “The GODFATHER Of Bahraini Bloggers” instead; unless you prefer the charm of being a grandpa!

  7. sleepyinsaudi says:

    Mahmood! I’m so impressed. I love Boing Boing, and now everyone there will love you too grandpa, er, Godfather.

  8. mahmood says:

    Grrrrrr! :grinnod: :grinnod:

  9. Morrigan says:

    I used to visit you via The Religious Policemen (and I still miss his blog – sniff). It’s great to rediscover you once more via BoingBoing!

  10. mahmood says:

    more than welcome Morrigan, I hope you will find the time and inclination to continue to visit!

  11. MooDy says:

    wot is Boing Boinged ? :X

  12. tribalecho says:

    Hello. Abu of Aardvark sent me. So us newbies are coming at you from all sides. Very happy to add my first Bahrain link to my blogme folder.

    Of to work now but will be back to enjoy. Greetings from Atlanta GA.

  13. mahmood says:

    Welcome visitors from Abu Aardvark!

  14. MooDy says:

    oh i see 🙂 it was a simple question , a very simple one , yet no one returned an answer …

    Anyway , Congratz Mahmood , you deserve every space in it 😉

  15. Maverick says:

    I am glad that people are actively using google earth, but when they start prying into areas that may pique the psyches of the RF in Bahrain, then the crap will hit the ventilator.

    I would hate to see you take the flack for this. But you are not the source of the problem, just because you have opened peoples’ minds, or taught them how to fish, it is not your fault if they fish in someone elses yard.

    Still, there are better ways to get things done. The best way is the parliment, no matter how much of a sham many claim it to be, it can be an effective tool to get the right things done. I hope that Sheikh Ali Salman will get his agenda on the table soon and help the people to achieve their basic needs.

    The framework exists. All you need is concrete eveidence that the government cannot suppress or hide and then you can use it to make your demands.

    If you need a house and it is your by lawful right, then fight for it, but do not ask someone else (especially the giver) how big his house is. He will not be pleased.

  16. lara says:

    Is it a democratic country bahrain? Does not seem to me some of these families stealing from the Bahrenie people the best pieces of land how is that possible, and how disquesting that they can own so much money and land. I seems to me they have a long way to go.I am sure about 1 thing behind these walls (some look like prisons) they hide a lot,and you sure you would not want to live there. Whatever richness oil gas etc.. found in a country should go to the people who live in it. For schools, hospitals houses etc. And no 1 repeat no 1 should live in povererty.

    regards from Holland

  17. Maverick says:

    Bahrain is a constitutional monarchy. In any country there are people who own property. Some more and some less. Here it is seems to be a problem because of the fact that land was considered personal property by some VIPs and this was not controlled.

    The current ruler is wise and need time to consolidate his rule by law. This takes times. as time passes, population also explodes due to the fact that some people do not control themselves and then start making unreasonable demands.

    Demands for housing and jobs are by no way unreasonable, but people need to be realistic and practical. Laziness, unreliability, punctuality and cultural bad habits tend to be the norm here as I have faced over the past 9 years.

    However the reality is that with the revenue and resources the government has, it could have provided sufficnient housing for all Bahrainis and Expats by now.
    Since Bahrain is small country and land is plenty housing should not be a problem. Rather than overproducing, people should learn to save and build realistically.

    Another Issue:
    While exception is the rule, there are cases where you will find a family of 8 school going kids ranging from 4-8 years living with a retired father. Did id fail to realise he is retired? If he used prophylactics would he not save for the future as well.

    Family planning is another problems that people do not like to address here. It is taboo.

    Power can be shared. The govenment has to start trusting people, irrespective of creed or tribe. There is no shia or sunni in my mind just humans.

    It is sad that in this day and age we need to swallow suhc bitter medicine………..

  18. mahmood says:

    Hey guys, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt actually sited us using Google Earth in his advice to politicians on how to use the Internet to win elections!

    This story is spreading (has spread) like wild fire!

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