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30 Nov, '06

Isa Jassim Ibrahim Al-Harbi - VERY unsuccessful candidate for Bahrain's 2006 parliamentary elections

There must be winners and losers in any competition, otherwise what’s the point of calling it a race. But if you lose against a strong opponent, that actually makes you stronger and hopefully you will gain a few lessons so that next time around you will have a chance to whip his beehind.

Not this guy though. The only thing that this guy got out of the race is how actually unpopular he is. Why do I say this? Well, he ran for the 2nd constituency in the Southern governate, yes the very one that bred illustrious persons of note like the effervescent Jassim Al-Saidi, Hamad Al-Mohannadi (whom this guy ran against) and of course that provided us with the very first female member of parliament in the whole wide Arabian Gulf. Not that that is an achievement of course, women only got the in the last few months in Kuwait and Ms. Al-Gaoud got into the Bahraini parliament by tactically being the only candidate to run in that constituency.

Getting back to Mr. Al-Harbi, I checked his credentials, and if his CV is anything to go by, he can’t have even bothered to even think of his campaign! A total of 8 lines of credentials, the most notable of which is that he was born in 1967. Not even bothering to list the actual date so that his supporters would note it in their diaries and diligently send him birthday cards, but just the year would suffice. Attention to details, you see.

So how much of a failure is this guy you ask? Well, of the total 2,371 acceptable votes cast, he got all of 4. Yes four! As the normal size of a Bahraini family is 6, this guy can’t have had a good relationship with even his siblings or his parents to get two of them voting against him!

What the hell was this guy doing getting into the elections? Other than not having any concept whatsoever to evaluate his chances of success, he just demonstrated his complete and utter stupidity in entering in the first place. And you know what the kicker is, he actually ran for a municipal seat in 2002 and he failed that one too. He’s not letting it go either, he filed a case against the Elections Committee to force a re-count at the Court of Cassation “to defend his honour”, only to get his case thrown out too!

Who knows, maybe he’ll be lucky the third time around!

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  1. Maverick says:

    Great now I have to fight with my whole family for not voting for him like they promised….. 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  2. mahmood says:

    Damn, I just realised. Do you know how much starch it takes to get the ghutra (head-dress) to stay rigid like that? He must spend a fortune on this… that’s why he doesn’t have anything left over for blades to shave with.. or is that a designer stubble?

  3. Tina says:

    There is a bigger losser in this elections his name is Yusif Ahmed Hasan Marhoon who only got 3 votes. Mr. Marhoon ran in the 5th constituency of captial governate.

    So sad!

  4. mahmood says:

    No way, really? That slipped me… I’ll go have another look, thanks.

    Damn, I stand corrected. The “lowest bidders” should form a club!

  5. :grinnod: Three and four votes each? That is really really sad!

    Those poor souls didn’t play the game properly. Being elected to public office in Bahrain is no easy chore. They should have possibly prepared themselves as follows:
    1. Camped outside a mosque for the two – four years before the elections
    2. Stopped having baths and shaving for more or less the same duration
    3. Depending on which sect they were, started chanting anti-other-sect slurs
    4. Made sure their hairy mugs appeared in papers, with or without purpose

    Hey Mahmood..We can start a post on How to Prepare Yourself for Any Elections in Bahrain post if we build on this..

  6. mahmood says:

    how right you are, then we’ll password protect it and only make it available to paying members! 😆

  7. Ozzy says:

    I am tellin ya’all..”IQ test”..really helps

  8. Adel says:

    Al Harbi won’t quit.

    أما الطعن الرابع فهو استئناف تقدم به عيسى الحربي من الدائرة الثانية بالمحافظة الجنوبية التي فاز فيها النائب حمد المهندي.. وقد حكمت محكمة التمييز برفض الطعن الذي تقدم به يوم الاربعاء الماضي.. لذا عاود من جديد تقديم استئناف منوها الى أنه سيحضر معه 15 شاهدا لدعم أقواله.

    God I wish I had his resilience

  9. Grace says:

    Mahmood, this has to be your best ever hilarious comment. I laughed out loud for at least 8 minutes straight,,,, read it over and over again,,, now everybody in the office has a copy.

  10. ba7rainiya says:

    is’nt it bad to talk about a person like that?

  11. ba7rainiya says:

    but anyway, its impossible for him to get only 5 votes.
    Im sure some of his family members have voted for him. At least, his mother, father, wife, uncle, aunt, and a friend.

  12. TEXAS says:

    maybe they live in different areas than him

  13. ba7rainiya says:

    all of them?????????????? 🙄

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