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3 Dec, '06

If you’ve come from Google or any other search engine to this post after you searched for “effective weight loss formula” then sitting at the computer reading about it is not going to lose you any weight is it? What is however is getting away from the computer and doing something physical! Just friendly advice..

Anyway, my formula does work. I have lost 14 kilograms (about 31 lbs to you yanks, 2st 3lbs to you limies) in just three weeks! And it looks that I can maintain the loss of between 0.5 – 1kg a day at the rate I’m going. When I started this forced diet, I was a huge 113kgs, I don’t even know how big my girth was at that time, suffice it to say that anyone who saw me asked me one of two questions: (1) whether I eat children to maintain my weight, or (2) I eat my meals with blind people.

Let me assure you my friends that I am a lot lighter, and my stomach is a lot smaller, and I am a lot happier.

Over a year ago, specifically on Feb 20th, 2005 I set myself up so that I would lose weight, and a lot of you helped with good ideas, thanks very much, but me being the lazy me ultimately forgot about it and stacked on the kilos. If we compare then with now, I was 110kgs, my luscious midriff taken about the bellybutton was about 49.2 inches (124cms) while now I am happy to say that it is just 46 inches! Believe me guys, three weeks ago it was a hell of a lot more than 49 inches, as my friends who saw me then could testify (Rami stay out of this!), so I am extremely happy with this sudden progress.

How did I achieve such a feat though? Well, the main ingredient of this change, believe it or not, is complete bed-rest and eating less than half the meals I used to eat with as little or no bread and rice (and other starchy food) as possible! And how did that come about?

Very simple:

So you see, there is always a silver cloud in any situation. In this one, I got to be a lazy slob, continuously in bed in my jammies, ordering my household around while still be able to do business remotely and life is cute!

So thanks again to the Segway for changing my life! 8)

Now you know how you too can lose those kilos!

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  1. Excellent stuff!

    I hope to have a similar story in about 2 months…without the horrific injury!

    Keep on top of it!


    P.S. Is there a bloggers gathering soon?

  2. Hamad Algoheri says:

    I think Segway will close their target early this quarter .

    really funny 🙂


  3. mahmood says:

    Well Hamad, maybe B&O will soon as well, once we get the graphics!

  4. H. says:

    Fat or crippled?! Now that’s a situation!!
    I’m sure chugging down yucky slimey diet formulas is a less painful measure. Wish you a hastely recovery.

  5. Shachar says:

    There is only one type of diet:
    – Eat ballanced meals.
    – Make sure to do some physical activity.

    The weight loss rate you are describing is way outside of what is considered healthy. A healthy weight loss is about 1 Kilo a week. 0.5 Kilo/week is also not bad. Believe me, that’s still a lot (been there, lost 25Kilos in about a year, managed to gain it all back plus change, partly due to being not well for a long while, now working on getting it off again).

    I know it takes longer to lose weight this way, but I do believe it is worth it. You lose weight too quickly, your body bounces back, you get worn skin where the size changes, and other nasty stuff. Really really not worth the trouble.


  6. mahmood says:

    To tell the truth, I think a lot of the weight I lost is attributed probably to fluid retention more than anything else. I didn’t do any activity at all to actually burn calories, so I fully expect that I will regain some or all of the weight I lost once I am back to normal, unfortunately.

    What I am using this time for; however, is my weaning off of rice and bread, both I believed I could never have any meal without. Now I discovered that rather than having bread with scrambled egg for example, I have slices of cucumber and tomato with it, and rather than having bread, labna, yogurt, cheese, and other breakfast stuff, I make do with Wheatabix instead. Lunch is a salad affair, and dinner I miss altogether if I can, but otherwise have something light.

    So the determination this time is there, if for nothing but to remove some of the pressure weight exerts on my spine, which is of paramount importance with this injury.

    I miss “pigging out” as I have before, and only leaving the table when I could hardly move because I have stuffed myself silly, but even that feeling is slowly receding. There is a lot to go though, and I’m determined – this time – to make a go at it.

    I am so looking forward to go back to my walks in the morning and gym work a few times a week… but that’s a few months away I think.

  7. Well done! I need to lose lots of weight as well. Now where did I put that Segway brochure….?

  8. mahmood says:

    SOFYAN! I’ve got a buyer here, I’ve got a buyer here! 😆

  9. Shachar says:

    Many people, when they diet, forget a couple of important things:
    1. The body needs food. It needs meat. It needs sugar. We usually consume too much sugar, but too little sugar is not good either.
    2. If the body feels hungry, it will lower consumption, making you lose less weight. Also, taking fat apart takes energy, so if you have too low a calorie count, the body will prefer to take apart other tissues that consume energy (in order to reduce over all energy consumption). It is not unheared of that muscle tissue was taken apart instead. It is even not unheared of that the muscle tissue in question was in the heart. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF!

    Always repeat to yourself that you diet for life. This means that there is no reason for the diet to never include any sweets at all. A cake once a week will not hurt your diet in any noticable way, and will greatly increase your ability to maintain the diet for much much much longer.

    Never, and I mean that, allow your self to diet to the point where you are constantly hungry. If that happens, find out what’s missing (I notice neither fruit nor meat in your diet, for example), and make sure to get some of that.

    And good luck getting back on you feet. It is, indeed, a helpless feeling being stuck in bed.


  10. mahmood says:

    I’m sure it was my body saying that it needed a goodly infusion of sugar yesterday so I went around “sampling” various sweeties and chocolates lying around the house for guests and kids, especially those under the Advent tree!

    I’ve been through so many diets in my life and can tell you for free that the only one that worked and through which I did maintain my weight loss (as long as I was doing it) was gym work, coupled with a reduction in intake of food, but never restricted myself from eating anything… I eat whatever is placed in front of me, but less than the amount I normally take.

    So yes, what you’re saying Shachar is very true and I think the body itself is smart enough to tell us that it is missing something in its diet and will mostly guide you to replenish it.

  11. Ibn says:

    I’m sure it was my body saying that it needed a goodly infusion of sugar yesterday so I went around “sampling” various sweeties and chocolates lying around the house for guests and kids, especially those under the Advent tree

    You know this is fascinating… how does a chemical shortage in your body (lack of glucose), get translated into the concept “chocolate cake” by your brain? … how does the body “know” so to speak?

    Doesnt anyone else see this as a mystery, or am I smoking crack?

    …Now that I think of it, its probably all associations made in the brain – but still … how does the body’s need of “I need more salt” translate into something in the brain going “Ahh, I wish I could eat some chicken…”. The body’s “need” is simply a chemical shortage…and yet, this is transformed into a conscience concept…somehow…


  12. Grace says:

    I’ve got an even better formula.
    1. Do not change your diet.
    2. Wake up 20 minutes earlier than you normally do and walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes straight.
    3. Hit the showers.
    This way you are encouraging your metabolism to work faster throughout the day and although it takes more time for the weight to get off, it doesn’t automatically latch back on once you stop your system.

  13. mahmood says:

    That’s what Frances and I used to do. We go for a brisk walk of about 5.5kms every morning.. didn’t do me any good as I was scoffing it down!

    This new new diet is much better; kick back, relax, lie down, cruise the internet and just eat less than what I used to… sadly, this sort of existence looks like about to end in a couple of days. Damn!

  14. jayjerome says:

    You forgot an important element for dieting: not only do you have to close the refrigerator door, you have to stop watching the Food Network (and other similar channels and programs).

    Say bye-bye to Emeril, and to BBQ-ing with Bobby Flay, and to pasta and ricotta dishes ala Molto Mario, and to all those esoteric dishes on the Iron Chef challenges (sorry, no more seaweed and giant pickled eels in uni-sauce); and remember to turn off Jamie Oliver the little English dude who cooks blood-sausages and quaffs them down with pints of ale, and remember to switch channels when chef Michael Lomonaco appears on Epircurious with his roast lamb smothered in sweet orange sauce – and to really prove you’re serious, you have to swear off watching old reruns of the Julia Childs show, especially the one she cooks that succulent roast duck stuffed with mushrooms served with broiled potatoes dripping with butter and gravy….

  15. mahmood says:

    Damn! I’m hungry all of a sudden! 😆

  16. Jade says:

    Mabrook Mahmood! It’s not at all easy losing weight but you’ve done it. However, the hard part is really maintaining your weight. It’s more harmful to keep losing and putting on weight…the key is to find a way to maintain the weight you’ve lost.

    I was 97 kgs, came down to 87 kgs in 5 weeks doing what you’re doing (no bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and sugar) but soon enough, I missed it and went back and before I knew it, I was back up to 94kgs! Anyway, now I’m managing to maintain around 87 kgs (although I did go down to 84 sometime back but maintaining that is tough) and this is my formula – maintain a balance. If you eat bread, skip the dessert. If you want the dessert, keep the bread down. And the main ingredient…a walk everyday =D

    All the best my friend.

  17. Lujayn says:

    My weight loss trick was hypnotherapy. It was actually very effective and for the first month and a half, I forgot about food altogether. No cravings, no hunger pangs, nothing. Then I went home for a holiday and my mom’s cooking proved stronger than my subconcious! I am about to go see the hypnotherapist again, to reinforce the message that I do not need food to be happy. 🙂 Sure beats a conscious effort to diet.

    Good luck, Mahmood, and hope you’re up and about soon. Hopefully you wont need another fall off the Segway to reinforce your weight loss!!

  18. mahmood says:

    Lujayn, this is for you and me to try out:


    we are not hungry… we don’t need food to be happy… but maybe just a little bit… ok ok just Ferrero Roche a day… no no no… just a couple of Danish for breakfast… prawn curry with rice is good for you.. we don’t need food to be happy… we don’t need food to be happy…

    Is it working?

    Shall I give you my bank account now? :love:

  19. Lujayn says:

    You almost had me there, Mahmood, but then you had to go mention the prawn curry. That alone is guaranteed to have me swear off food for eternity. Blekhhhhh!

  20. mahmood says:

    Oh but that’s my favourite! The way mum makes it.. my mouth is flooded just thinking about it! :yes:

  21. Lujayn says:

    Stop thinking about it! =P

    So why is this “happy” existence about to come to an end in a couple of days?

  22. mahmood says:

    I’m fed up to the gills of staying at home and/or in bed. I’m giving myself an ultimatum and that is I AM going to the office on Wednesday, even if for just a couple of hours.

  23. Meggie says:

    What I don’t understand is this:
    I got put on a “gain weight” diet by my Doc, because, skinny to start with, I lost rather a lot this year. And she also prescribed exercise. Lots of it.
    So how come the fatties and the skinnies are getting the same medical advice?
    Why can’t I lie around in bed all day eating chicken legs and chocolate eclairs ?
    I know this is going to damage my “great big fat armed English wifey make floor shake” persona, but it’s OK because I still have my trusty rolling pin…

  24. Meggie says:

    Also, if I manage to make the target weight, I have a chance to go into the prize draw.
    Grand prize is two tickets to the panto “Babes in the Wood” at our local Little Theatre.
    Oh how I love it when we all roar “He’s behind yer”..
    .. when he actually isn’t.
    That’s what the audience is for….

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