Al-Watan hacked?

7 Dec, '06

Someone sent me this picture (thanks mate!) which shows Al-Watan Newspaper‘s website hacked today. The website is back to normal now. This is how it allegedly was earlier:

Al-Watan Newspaper website was hacked today
click for larger view
click to view a picture of the restored site

Can anyone confirm this?

Why would anyone do this and why was Al-Watan targeted? Because it was implicated rather heavily in the Bandargate scandal as being created exclusively to sow sectarian poison in the society, allegedly of course. So some people have some beef with it, which lends credence to the hack. Not that I condone such a thing of course. People should always deffer to the law to solve their grievances.

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  1. nurox says:

    picture is resized quite badly, but i’ll assume it’s just some rant about the PM?

    I’ve asked around, and trying to get intouch with a buddy of mine who works there to try and confirm this, should get a clue shortly

    How’s the rain?

  2. mahmood says:

    click the picture (in a couple of minutes) to display it at full size. That text says: “The ultimate sectarian paper in Bahrain”

  3. Bandargate says:

    Because of the Bandargate scandal?? This ” newspaper” is a scandal by itself!
    I know that most of its employees are ashamed of being part of it, and they are now probably happy should the hacking news proved correct! 😆

  4. mahmood says:

    Wellll, I was being generous!

  5. chan'ad says:

    I didn’t see the hacked page when (or if) it was online, but here some other screenshots thatsre going around:

    Looks like it was done by the same people who hacked the Shura’s English site a couple weeks ago ( ). It seems they were angered by the treatment given to Abdulwahhab Hussain by the riot police at that demonstration a few weeks ago, and have vowed more hacks.

    People should always deffer to the law to solve their grievances.

    I do hope this was part of your usual sarcasm Mahmood! 🙂

  6. frankofbahrain says:

    Rememberw guys, the same persons respobsilbe for this site are the e-voting consultants who where confident that thier system is 100% secure and saying that e-voting will move Bahrain to the future beside the industrial world and later we knew why they were insisting

  7. mahmood says:

    I can confirm from an inside source that Al-Watan’s site was indeed hacked today!

    FrankofBahrain, how right you are.

  8. =P srry but good for u hahahaha

  9. mahmood says:

    Haitham Salman confirms the hack from Alaska, with another screenshot too.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Till Today I cant open the paper web site.

  11. sara 6aher says:

    hey mahmood how do u no bayan karimi :wassat:

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