Foulath’s buttons pressed again

15 Dec, '06

Shura Council members are to call for the creation of a human rights committee within the chamber.

The request will be made by Faisal Fulad and Houda Nonoo, who are both Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society (BHRWS) board members.

“We think Al Wefaq will try to establish a human rights committee in parliament and these committees will have co-operation if we establish them in both chambers,” Mr Fulad told a Press conference at the society, in Manama, yesterday.
GDN :: 15 Dec, ’06

My emphasis, and believe me you don’t need to read the whole “report” of Foulath and Nonoo wanting to establish a BHRWS style committee in the Shura to find their true motives behind it, as I’ll save you the trouble and time. They’ve been told to do so to counter a suggested Human Rights committee in the Council of Representatives by Al-Wefaq.

It is a mark of dishonour to have these two selected as our representatives. As far as I am concerned they do not exist and they are not worthy of carrying on in any position in my name.

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