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15 Dec, '06

The king has left the building. Parliament is supposed to convene this afternoon to elect a chairman, 1st and 2nd vice chairmen, then the heads of five parliamentary committees. Al-Wefaq is no where to be seen and their demands are resolute:

    1. Investigate Bandargate
    2. Remove Attiyatallah
    3. Going with parliamentary custom and as they gained the majority vote, they should be given the chairmanship of the chamber

Now will the king look at this as a challenge that he has to stand up to, or will he act as a good benevolent and understanding leader and find a way out of this dire situation?

If he does, then Bahrain should become stronger for knowing that the kind cares deeply about the country; if not and he and the other decision makers take it personal and want nothing but to cow Al-Wefaq, then that would act as the spark that will send the country into an abyss of violence and riots; things that we thought was completely behind us since the king took over in March 1999 and when he launched his reform program.

The next few days are going to be critical. The very first thing the king should have done is delay the convening of parliament and their key selection session to a date after the situation’s resolution.

I am just wondering here.. is Ahmed Attiyatallah worth all this trouble? One person cannot stop the progress of a country and should not be allowed to. A wrong has been committed, why is it that difficult to immediately plan a path of correction?

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  1. Bahraini says:

    Honestly, they can investigate Bandergate from within Parliament. Secondly, they can investigate and remove Sh. Ahmed if they wanted to. Parliament has that power. And thirdly, its not the largest party but the majority in party that dictates the chairmanship. Abdul made it today, they should have .. its their loss if they don’t and they will look bad. This is another very wrong move by Al-Wefaq, which will really hurt them.

  2. Jasra-Jedi says:

    Bahraini ..

    Is it really their loss? And will this really hurt them?

    I dont think it will hurt them at all. I think the only that will be hurt is the reform movement on the island, and the sectarian relationship we have with each other.

    B-gate will explode as an issue. Both sides will use it to exploit their demands. Al Wifaq for more participation. And the govt for preserving the status quo. And, people are going to get entrenched on sectarian lines.

    Its a mess for people ike you and me. For the politicians, they are just getting ready for the fight for power. And it wont be over issues. It will be over Sunni/Shia. Government/Opposition.

    Just look at Lebanon. Thats the direction that we are headed in. Only a matter of time before both Saudi and Iran start getting involved in a much more real way.

    And, the real losers? Our kids …

  3. Anonymous says:

    From shiekh Hamad’s perspectives, Ahmad Attiyatallah is worth it. Ahmad, just like Adel Flaifel, may not want to fall alone.

  4. Bahraini says:

    None of this could not be tackled within parliament, the investigation, Bandergate … everything. The forum is available thats what I don’t understand, boycotting never and won’t ever solve a thing….

  5. Jasra-Jedi says:

    bahraini … the stakes are much much higher than parliament.

    just look at the current standoff between nasrallah and siniora in lebanon.

  6. mahmood says:

    Good point AbuRasool. However, the intelligent thing to do is to remove the cancer once and for all. The question you posed here of course is “how big and how deep will the tumour be?” And that’s very scary.

    What did Oman do about this again in the not too distant past? Well, we don’t want it to get to that level, but something drastic must be done to save Bahrain and our way of life.

  7. Jasra-Jedi says:

    i actually think its too late mahmood ..

  8. Anonymous says:

    Bahraini! Some knows that there is a solid block of 23 parliamentarians that will vote against raising any ‘divisive’ issue. Among these ‘divisive issues’ are the Bandargate, removal of Ahmad Attiyatallah, corruption, Khalifa bin Salman’s tentacles in the treasuyry, etc…etc.

    BTW does anyone of you know what does this mean? What certificates? What ‘Accredited Certificates” etc?



    رئيس الوزراء‮ ‬يصدر أمراً‮ ‬بشأن الجهاز المركزي‮ ‬للمعلومات

    صدر عن صاحب السمو الشيخ خليفة بن سلمان آل خليفة رئيس الوزراء قرار رقم ‮٨٦ ‬لسنة ‮٦٠٠٢ ‬بشأن تزويد الجهاز المركزي‮ ‬للمعلومات لخدمة الشهادات المعتمدة‮.‬
    ‮- ‬مادة ‮١ ‬تعاريف‮.. ‬وتتضمن المادة نظام الشهادة‮.. ‬وبيان اسلوب ممارسة اصدار الشهادات والمشترك‮.‬
    ‮- ‬مادة ‮٢ ‬تزويد خدمة الشهادات المعتمدة،‮ ‬ويتولى الجهاز المركزي‮ ‬للمعلومات تزويد خدمة الشهادات المعتمدة طبقا لقانون المعاملات الالكترونية‮.‬
    ‮- ‬مادة ‮٣ ‬المعايير والاشتراطات العامة‮.‬
    ‮- ‬مادة ‮٤ ‬المعايير التشغيلية‮.‬
    ‮- ‬مادة‮٥ ‬متطلبات الشهادات المعتمدة‮.‬
    ‮- ‬مادة ‮٦ ‬الافصاح‮.‬
    ‮- ‬مادة ‮٧ ‬حفظ السجلات‮.‬
    ‮- ‬مادة ‮٨ ‬سرية البيانات والمعلومات‮.‬
    ‮- ‬مادة ‮٩ ‬مواجهة الحوادث العارضة‮.‬
    ‮- ‬مادة ‮٠١ ‬الاعتماد على الشهادات‮.‬
    ‮- ‬مادة ‮١١ ‬انواع الشهادات المعتمدة ورسوم اصدارها‮.‬
    ‮- ‬مادة ‮٢١ ‬تاريخ النفاذ‮.‬

  9. mahmood says:

    I think these are the Electronic Commerce certificates, like those that Verisign and other private companies the world over produce. It sounds like it in any case.

    I agree that with the currrent design of parliament, there is no way that any “contentious” issue can be decided, nor would there be any chance for constitutional amendments.

    They’re smart. And Bahrainis will simply forget and continue to keep their heads down looking for the crumbs of their survival.

    Don’t expect any “Orange Revolution” here.

  10. can we talk says:

    but wouldn’t the government have been better off leaving well enough alone? if the other 23 were going to vote against, they had nothing to worry about. why get involved in internal parliament affairs?
    yes, JJ, these are indeed very scary times.
    as for Bgate exploding, if it were not to get off the ground within the parliament, do you think it would have exploded in the street as a result? I wasn’t here when it all came out, how bad was the reaction in the street? do you think people let it pass then because they were banking on it being handled in parliament?
    what a mess!!

    AA is worth it

    even if he is worth it, did he really have to be given a cabinet post at this time? that’s kind of an “up yours” isn’t it? where is the strategy in that?

  11. mahmood says:

    did he really have to be given a cabinet post at this time? that’s kind of an “up yours” isn’t it? where is the strategy in that?

    Yep. And we’re supposed to enjoy that loving feeling.

    The only reason that the “street” didn’t explode then was due to the calming influence of the clerics and Al-Wefaq. They promised to apply full pressure to excommunicate Attiyatallah and bring him to justice together with his cohorts.

  12. Anonymous says:

    where is the strategy in that? asks can we talk.

    During the past seven years, Shiekh Hamad has shown himself as a good tactician. Strategy? what is that? HM knows that he would prevail. Simply because Issa Qassim is not Abdul Ameer al-Jamri.

  13. mahmood says:

    Can you explain the intricacies of that statement please AbuRasool. I would love to know why you feel that Qassim is not at the same level as Al-Jamri and what you think Al-Jamri would have done faced with the current situation.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Aljamri has always been the gutsier of the pair. (If interested check the excellent profile, albeit old, on Issa Qassim by Fouad I. Khouri. The book is available in English and Arabic).

    I must admit that I did not expect Issa Qassim to be that bold. (yes, he hits hard and harsh but only dowstairs, and never upstairs or even sideways). His recent audacity against the king is simply out of character.

    He has effectively accused the king of being a cheat that reneged on a recent promise given to Qassim and other senior Shia clerics in the aftermath of thing the Bandargate not to include Attiyatallah in the cabinet. (The issue of parliamentary posts provided a respectable touch).

    Can Qassim backdown? My guess is that yes , he will. When he does, it will be interesting to follow how he will sell it to his constituencies.

    Having said that, I concede that Issa Qassim could surprise me and other sceptical watchers if he decided to stand up to the king/pm for few more days. God, Hamad bin Isa, Issa Wassim, you and know that the stakes are high. AbuRasool

    It is part of the irony of Bahrain politics that Ali Salman has negotiated the dismissal of Attiyatallah with Khalid bin Ahmad, minister of the Cabinet. Khalid bin Ahmad is the same bigot who wrote the shameful poem outlining the ‘final solution’ for the Shobbar and Marhoon problem.AR

  15. Anonymous says:

    Can Qassim backdown?

    Yes. He did without bothering to explain anything to anyone. RIP shiekh Abdul Ameer Aljamri.

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