Bye Santacons!

28 Dec, '06

Vote for your favourite smilies package

You know, they say that if you keep the Christmas decorations up for too long after Christmas that could bring you bad luck; therefore, I have retired our beloved Santacons until next Christmas.

Say your goodbyes and thank yous to the little red man and woman…

Santacons Santa Icons Smilies

and say hello to the little green gender-neutral thingies again…

Smilies Green Icons

UPDATE 21:58: Okay, I’m feeling magnanimous :[ ! Click the thumbnail of the smilies on the right to view the available smilies sets, then vote for your selection in the poll. Voting will end Jan 1st, 2007 at 12 noon Bahrain time and the winning set will be installed.

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  1. KHAL says:

    O0o00h No. NOT AGAIN!!

    Mahmood, please, I hate these green thingies, try to change them πŸ™„

  2. mahmood says:

    Let me see what I can do then… I’ve got several sets but I like these most as they are the “neatest”.

    Would a different colour do? I’ve got them in orange and blue too!

  3. Mahmood:

    I agree that leaving Christmas decorations up too long is bad juju. However, those green things need to go too. Please give this some thought.



  4. Ibn says:

    nnnoooooooooo!……. The green ones again Mahmood?! :no: What planet are they from? I vote for yellow colored ones!

  5. Chimi^ says:

    I vote for kopete tbh :P.

  6. June says:

    I like the green ones. But I guess you could try other colours… :yes:

  7. Anonymous says:

    the green ones plz

  8. bikeshed says:

    Orange seems to be the colour of the moment and would work nicely with your grey tones…and would lend a revolutionary tilt to the proceedings, too

  9. the green men are excellent! They go very well with the blog theme.

  10. Maverick says:

    Ya hatta do it huh, jus bfoe nu yr eh! =( Aw shucks…. :grinnod:
    Perhaps Arab cons will do or orange ones. πŸ˜† Actually these brown ones are good. Got any gnomes?

  11. Maverick says:

    julianus, full monty, graemlins

    btw u can keep xmas dcor till jan 6th dude….orthodox xmas is on thr 6 or 7 jan.

  12. mahmood says:

    Silver Girl I agree! But we’ll see what others think as well and then decide.

    Maverick, they’re supposed to be Orange! :clown:

  13. KHAL says:

    I vote for Full Monty

    Thanks Mahmood

  14. Dude says:

    what do you say i work on a set of Arab cons :p?

  15. mahmood says:

    Dude, go ahead, be our guest!

  16. Dude says:

    behold the wahabicon, more arabcons to come!

  17. mahmood says:

    Scary! I’m not sure I want him on my site! What I would rather have are fun looking and fun loving Arabs instead… can we retool that? Maybe we can reserve your icon for the “angry” one and make that an exception rather than the rule?

  18. Dude says:

    its not the rule lol,theyre not all wahabis :P, its just one of the emoticons in the “arabcon” set that im working on. πŸ˜›

  19. Johnster says:

    Hi Mahmood

    The day for taking down Christma decorations is after the 12 days of Christmas. The first day is Christmas day and the last day is 6 January.

    Bad luck to remove them too early!!

  20. mahmood says:

    excellent Dude, thanks. Johnster, thanks for the titbit, I’ll make sure ‘er indoors is informed, if she isn’t already that is, as she is all knowing and all seeing, like any other wife I think! :agree:

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