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4 Jan, '07

If you’re interested in this sort of thing, here are the stats for 2006, running from April – Dec 2006 for The Den. I’ve also detailed Dec by itself for comparison’s sake.


The Summary shows totals and averages for Sessions, Pageviews, Hits, and Bytes for the currently selected Date Range. Visitors information is not shown here because it is only available when UTM visitor tracking is employed.

Calculation Methodology

  • Session: A series of Hits to your site over a specific period of time by one visitor.
  • Pageview: A request to the web server by a visitor’s browser for any web page; this excludes images, javascript, and other generally embedded file types.
  • Hit: Any successful request to a webserver from a visitor’s browser.
  • Bytes: The quantity of network bandwidth used by the files requested during the selected Date Range.

Because Bytes numbers can be very large, abbreviations are used as appropriate, such as MB for megabytes (~millions of bytes). The average length of Session is displayed as hours:minutes:seconds.

Thanks all very much for making YOUR Den so successful, and here’s to 2007.

Country Stats after the break


And here’s what Google Analytics is reporting since July(ish) to the end of 2006, maybe this one sheds more light of the actual connections; ironically, the stats package I use (Urchin) is actually owned by Google and it forms the heart of Google Analytics!

Mtv Connections Geographic locations - Google Analytics

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  1. I think I just posted this, but it didn’t come up…strange (and probably my fault)

    What I said was that as a comparison, the traffic which the Den recieved in December, was about 10 times the amount of traffic my site has revieced…ever! (since Dec 2003).

    If you want, you can send 1/10th of your visitors to me! :tongue:

    Also, sorry that I couldn’t make the bloggers gathering, wanted to, but my plans were screwed up a bit.

  2. docspencer says:

    Mahmood, your stats are excellent. Could you add a geographic distribution by country for the annual total?

    Best regards,


  3. mahmood says:


    I don’t think that they are very relevant though, so I would take them with a pinch or two of salt. Look for instance at the first two entries where the majority of the connections are coming from, the stats package just looks at them as .com and “unknown”. Still, it gives a general idea of who reads this blog.

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