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4 Jan, '07

It looks like we should cancel the meeting scheduled for tonight as there is no clear consensus of where the meeting should be, with one vote recorded for each location, and call for a serious meeting to see how we should go forward as far as these physical meetings are concerned.

Let’s discuss how you wish to go forward with this here to get to some results and resolutions that we can stick with.

The things we should agree on are:

    1. Meeting Venue
      or a series of venues to be done in a cyclical fashion. We MUST decide this point, as this is the thorniest issue and one that is rather tiring. I personally do not want to fight and get a place reserved at the last minute nor do I want to go to a place and only find 2 or 3 bloggers’ there. Like you I have better things to do with my time.
    2. Meeting frequency
      I like the monthly meetings, but looking at them over the last few months the attendance was variable. Maybe meeting once a month is too much for most people and we should consider other alternatives: bi-monthly, quarterly or even just annually.
    3. Meeting agenda
      Should there be an agenda for our meetings? Or do we keep the meetings informal as we have had? Or how about a combination of both with an annual or bi-annual conference with an agenda, speakers, workshops, etc? I like this one in particular and will work on the first conference to be done in 2007, help IS required, so let’s talk about formats and objectives.

      Even without this conference, I personally think that we should have a small agenda for our meetings to make them more interesting. The mini-agenda could be just news-based; ie, announce new discovered blogs, new blogging technologies and resources, new laws which affect our work and that sort of thing. This should not take most of the discussion of course, but just maybe 5 – 10 minutes. A suggestion to keep to that time could be that everyone who wants to contribute to that discussion could email their observations into a central location and we could do a PowerPoint presentation, this in fact will allow even remote and anonymous bloggers to contribute to our meetings.

I am sure that you have many other ideas you might want to contribute, and I welcome them with open arms. But I think it is high time that we have a structure in place that will solidify our relationships and not waste our time with continuously not agreeing on a simple matter of a meeting place.

So for the time being, the meetings are suspended until we agree on the way forward as outlined above.

If anyone wants to carry on “as is” and lead the party, I again have not problem with that either and wish everyone much luck.

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  1. nibaq says:

    You got to run the meeting like a dictatorship. I tried the whole voting thing for different times and venues, then when the day came the people who voted for it didn’t show up.

    Set a meeting time/place and keep it at that. I based the Kuwait Blogs one on the 2600 Meetings:

    We meet on the first Friday of the month between 5 pm and 8 pm local time. While there will always be people who can’t make this particular time, the same will hold true for *any* time or day chosen. By having all of the meetings on the same day, it makes it very easy to remember.

    As for agenda, I dont see a real point for it. Topics and discussions that need to be discussed will arise on their on and if not in the meetup it will happen in the blogs. (You really need to bring bag the aggregator for this)

    The main thing is have a set time and place and the people will come the rest is just syntax.

  2. mahmood says:

    I tried that, and was accused of being a dictator and people were jumping up and down. I put up the vote, and the results are as you have seen.

    But I unfortunatley agree with you, setting a specific time and date and then sticking to it might be the thing to do. Even then, I will get calls if I don’t “announce” it!!! But it is the very same date and time every bloody time… aaarrrgg! :angry:

  3. mahmood says:

    Oh, and the aggregator is actually bigger and better than the previous one, I just put it into its own directly.

    You can access the Bahrain Blogs aggregator at:

    Please update your bookmarks!

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