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4 Jan, '07

My friend nibaq alerted me to something I thought was public knowledge, but possibly isn’t. So let me remind everyone that the Bahrain Blogs Aggregator is actually up and running beautifully. Here’s a screenshot:

The Bahrain Blogs Aggregator

I discontinued using WordPress with a plugin to get the feeds because it just wasn’t working and the main plugin’s author stopped maintaining it so it had some technical issues that went without any solution. I looked around and found a brand spanking new system called Gregarius and installed that. It is very easy to use and maintain, and if you create an account for yourself there, it would actually track what you have already read and it will highlight the articles you haven’t, which saves a lot of time, especially considering that I am tracking 125 Bahrain Blogs with that system! See how much we’ve grown?

Please note however that the aggregator is at a new address, so do please update your bookmarks, it’s now at:

As the intention of the aggregator is to drive traffic to your blog, I have elected only to have the first 500 words of your posts as a summary, so that if people find the summary interesting, they can visit your blog to read the rest of the entry.

Needless to say, if you know of a Bahraini blog you want to see included in the aggregator, please let me know.

I also need your help to tell people that it is available, live and ready for business. If you don’t mind, please download the following button and place it on your blogs to tell the whole world about our blogging scene in Bahrain: button

<a href=""><img src="http://yoursite/path/to/bahrainblogsrss.gif" style="border:0px;" alt=" button" title="visit the Bahrain Blogs Aggregator, the best of Bahrain all in one place!" /></a>

While I’m at it, let me also remind you that you can have your FREE blog on my server! Go to for more details. You can create your very own blog in seconds. I will add your created blog on in the aggregator as well. Please talk about the free blogging service on your blog and to your friends and colleagues. We need to see more people blogging in Bahrain. It’s good for your and their souls!

And if you have any suggestions, please do share them with me. This service is for every Bahrain-based blogger and your suggestion might help in driving traffic to their site and increase the world’s awareness of our existence.


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  1. Yonis says:

    Great job Mahmood :sideways:
    does it compete or there is a chance to be merged together, i mean the RSS thing? :ninja:

  2. Qassaam says:

    Got any idea how to plug this in WordPress???

  3. mahmood says:

    You can’t, it’s an independent system. You can pull the RSS feed from it though and display it on your blog in the sidebar; here’s what you need to do:

    1. Make sure that you are using WordPress 2.x
    2. Make sure that your theme is “widgets” compliant
    3. Go to the Admin -> Presentation -> Sidebar Widgets
    4. Add an “RSS Feed Widget” and drag it to wherever you want the feeds to be displayed in your sidebar
    5. Enter the following URL in the “Enter the RSS feed URL Here:

    6. Enter the following in the “Give the feed a title:
    Bahrain Blogs

    7. Close the box and remember to Save Changes!

    That’s it, you’re set, and you will always now display the latest 10 headlines from fellow Bahrain-based bloggers, and you will help your friends to get the recognition they deserve.

    Remember please, again, everyone, if you notice a Bahraini blog that is not included in the aggregator, please let me know.

    This comment might actually deserve it’s own page or post!

  4. mahmood says:

    I don’t think so Yonis. Haitham is doing a very good job especially with the Arabic blogs and I think mainly caters to university students. I fully support what he is doing and think that it is better to have the sites we do have at the moment as both of us working independently will spread the message about blogging faster.

  5. PALFORCE says:

    Salam Mr. Mohamad,

    I have been looking for a good aggregator and I like gregarius, I tried to import my OPML but it stopped at 21 feeds. And where can I limit the words per item to 50? or 500 in your case?



  6. mahmood says:

    Khalid, go to Gregarius support who might be able to help you. I put all my links through and limit the number of words there rather than through Gergarius.

  7. PALFORCE says:

    Thanks alot.



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