Mahmood on a Segway… AGAIN!

10 Jan, '07

Mahmood on a Segway... AGAIN!

Mahmood on a Segway… AGAIN!, originally uploaded by malyousif.

Yep, a couple of months after I fell of a Segway and broke my back, I went on one this afternoon at my friend’s office!

This version is the "four wheel drive" of Segways! It was so saweet. The turning mechanism is totally different in that the column now tilts left and right to achieve the turns, as well as the customary lean forward/back for going forward and reversing.

Obviously I didn’t have much of a chance to really put it through its paces in such a restricted space, but I enjoyed getting on one again.

And no, those are NOT white knuckles! Actually, the ones that DID have white knuckles as I was getting on the Segway were my friends Abdulrahman and Sofyan!

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  1. Barry says:

    I remember when the Segway came out, they were lauding it as the thing which will revolutionize transport on the sidewalks. Can you imagine hundreds on a sidewalk? “Road rage” is bad enough as it is in the US in cars… I can only imagine the “Segway rage”.

  2. M says:

    Get off that thing pronto! What are you thinking? :ermm: Frances! Frances!

  3. Costa-guy says:

    Just watch yourself this time and take good care. btw, where can you find such things here in bahrain?

  4. So glad to see you aren’t afraid to get back on after getting bucked off!! :silly:

    I tried to call you yesterday to see how you have been coming along back wise but the phone gods wouldn’t allow for it!

    Ride em’ cowboy!

  5. Troy Z says:

    I agree that it’s admirable to show you can get back on your nemesis, but isn’t this also an excuse to show a full-body shot to advertise that it looks like you lost some weight during your recuperation?

  6. Looks like you shed some weight along with your fear!

  7. Bernie says:

    Glad to see you up and smiling after the accident even if you’re scaring your friends to death.
    You’ve lost weight as well. 🙂

  8. jayjerome says:

    It looks like a fun vehicle to play with, Mahmood — but at about $5,000 U.S. dollars (not including taxes)it’s somewhat extravagant (especially when you add in unexpected medical expenses) For about $200 you can get a pair of roller-blades, a helmet and knee and elbow pads, and zip around town as fast as on a Segway without having to worry about where to park it — plus you’d have an extra $4,800 of disposable income for flowers, plants, seeds, bird-feed, or even a round-trip vacation to Las Vegas where you’d probably have an even greater rush of thrills participating in various Western ‘amusements’ like this one at the Rivera

  9. Be CAREFUL!! :shocked:

  10. Ingrid says:

    great picture Mahmoud, quite dashing too, pardon the pun! :whistle:
    I’ve seen people on them here mostly for work related activity but I think I would hold off on that experience myself. So d’you think you might add a cape with that as you’re scooting through the streets of (blank, where ever you live)….? You look like you’re ready to run for office!!

  11. mahmood says:

    Hani/Bernie/Troy, ya think! Man I’m down 17 kilos and counting! I only realised how **utterly good and gorgeous I looked** when I uploading the picture from my camera! :devil:

    Jay, I used to go to Vegas every year for the broadcast show in April, that is, until our dear beloved friend Osama decided to be more than a punk. I miss the States, and now Patty gave me the excuse to seriously consider coming back to the West coast. But Jay I suck at those inlines and I actually did try them and got bored rather quickly. I would rather have a mechanised form of transport. WHEN I get a Segway, I’ll make sure I send it over to RUF for some needed mods!

    Thanks for the thought CW, the telephone network is normally quite excellent, but sometimes glitches happen, but in either case I’m glad I saved you that call!

    Costa, call 181 and get the number of iMachines, they’re in the Al-Moayed building behind the Passport office in Hoora. Walk in and they’ll probably give you a demo. Don’t forget your chequebook or the platinum card!

    Ingrid, it even looks infinitely better when I wear my traditional thobe with the ghutra (head-dress) and scoot around, looks MUCH more impressive!

  12. tooners says:

    not sure that i would get on one again… but i’m a scaredy cat! :cwy: and… i DO see white knuckles! :tongue:

  13. Hamad Aljohery says:

    It is always good to go back for the places we fear the most . It makes us stronger but be carefull this time or this company will close down because of your frequent injuries when using it they still little chance to sell in the future .

    Ohh the man fell down again


  14. Romster says:


  15. mahmood says:

    Thanks Hamad, I’ll keep it in mind.

    Romster: I do not qualify to get off by your metric:

    – I’m 44 (and I’m sticking to that!)
    – I’m not overweight (and am sticking to that too!)
    – I don’t have a receding hairline, it bloody well receded a long time ago!

    But I get the point! 😆

  16. Yonis says:

    i like these stuff :tongue:
    where to find in bahrain? and how much does it cost?

  17. Ash says:

    You’re looking VERY trim there, Mahmood.

    And when tykes like Romster tease you about that “receding hairline”, remember the immortal words of Jack Nicholson: “When I was a young man, my friends used to rag me about my receding hairline. Now those friends are all bald, and I’ve still got a receding hairline”.

  18. Andy says:

    Guys, Segways are just too geeky for Bahrain and practically I dont see any use of it anywhere, why spend that much money when you will barely use it throughout the year??? just a hobby maybe? not sure why people went ahead in selling such a thing in this region anyway, its not like we have small towns where everything is within reach or big campuses where its easy to zip around with it..

    have you ever heard of a success story so far in this region for the Segway? does it really improve productivity perhaps and shorten the time to do some chores maybe?? please anyone give me 1 example in this region , let alone Bahrain where it worked great.

  19. Andy

    I do understand the US Post Offcie has had some success with them as well as “meter maids” in some cities. Not Bahrain of course but in the right setting I can see a practicle application.

    AMH was loaned one for the AMH golf tournament and I understand it went very well by helping get messages and such out to the golfers on the course faster than a golf cart.

  20. mahmood says:

    Andy, I understand (though not sure) that they are in operation in ALBA’s potlines, cargo section of the airport.

    Regardless, they are a HUGE fun, believe me!

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