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20 Jan, '07

I know you guys want to connect with each other, but don’t want to bother with spam and all that good stuff, so I installed a new “Private Messaging” plugin which you can use to send quick notes to each other if you wish. And if you are logged in, you can quickly see how many messages are waiting for you; look at the sidebar below the “Meta” block and you will see something like this:


Click the “go” link to take you to your inbox.

You can send a private message (pm) to another use by clicking on the “send pm” link next to his or her name in the header of their comment; this link will only appear if the user was actually logged in when commenting. If you do not log in, then obviously the system will not be able to track who you are or claim to be, so this is an added incentive for you to actually create an account for yourself here. The way that things are being developed, more and more member-only services will be rolled out. Registering and logging in are; however, completely voluntary, so please do not feel pressured to register if you don’t want to.

This is what the “send pm” link looks like in real life (so far anyway):


And finally, this is what the PM composition page looks like (click for a larger view):


Thanks go to Fred for creating such a plug in. As always, I look forward to receiving your comments on this if you have any.

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  1. Redbelt says:

    Note to Mahmood:
    Spammers can login and send PMs to every member. You should have some restrictions imposed. When I had a forum, it was minumum 40 posts before being able to PM. I don’t know how you’d do that, but thought I’d bring it up.

  2. mahmood says:

    I had that in mind as well, and hope that the Akismet plugin will take care of that as well as the installed BadBehavior but we’ll see how things go. If it becomes a nuisance then I will remove it obviously.

  3. Mahmood

    Thanks for putting this option into place. I remember back on the old system you used that you had a similar feature.

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