22 Jan, '07

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  1. H. says:

    Seroo’s such a sweetheart, isn’t she :3

  2. Darth says:

    Adel Marzooq, fresh from being elected the Vice Chairman of the Bahrain Journalists Society (congratulations mate! we finally have a blogger in a position of power!) rips the Minister of disInformation a new one and calls him a Talibani 😉

    — Mahmood, little do you know about some of the bloggers that blog on your bahrainblogs.org – who happen to be anonymous, there are a few that would surprise you I’m sure.

  3. mahmood says:

    And I don’t want to know until they themselves are ready to let me know! I’m just grateful that they have elected to start blogging… :wub:

  4. Butterfly says:


    I doubt if any blogger on bahrainblogs.org is “anonymous” to you :whistle:

  5. mahmood says:

    Why? I have no administrative tasks on there accept for deleting the occasional spam-created blog. I do not approve nor reject any as the whole process is automatic.

    If and when I do notice a new blog on the front page, I add a FeedBurner feed to it and then add it to bahrainblogs.org/rss, beyond that, I have no knowledge whatsoever of who’s who… unless of course their registration email is obvious and none are at the moment.

  6. docspencer says:

    Mahmood, a basic question about Muslims (re: your Farrah comment).

    Do most Muslims allow a dog or cat in the house – something about dog saliva when human saliva is far more bacteria rich. I don’t mean a desert dog, but a pet.


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