Spring of Culture is back!

22 Jan, '07

Bahrain's Spring of Culture 2007

Amal alerts us that the schedule for this year’s Spring of Culture has been announced! This is the second year this excellent event is being held in Bahrain, and my goodness, the roll-call this year is for a month of complete immersion into art, music, dance, poetry, painting, theatre, recitals, and sculpture. What else can a person hope for?

The very first event is the excellent Lebanese musician Marcel Khalifa on both March 1st and 2nd, and I can guarantee you if you don’t arrive early (of if you don’t have enough pull for a front-row seat) you will not get a place. And that condition is probably the same for every single event declared so far, with a “surprise” – I think and hope – is still to be announced for the Arad Fort event, one that we really enjoyed last year was a Jazz festival.

I’m looking forward to a month of much needed brain food!

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  1. Esra'a says:

    I know several people who helped in organizing this, and they all worked incredibly hard to make it possible. Mad props to them all.

  2. nurox says:

    Last year’s was great! I really hope this one isn’t as good, but even better!

  3. can we talk says:

    in case any of the organizers are reading this, i would like to put in my two cents worth.

    for a first-time organizing events of this calibre, they did fantastically well, and i hope that such programs will continue to be offered. however… and please take this in the spirit that it is meant.. to make our country a great place in every way possible. it would have been difficults to foresee some of the glitches, hindsight is usually a plus.

    i attended a fantastic show last year in Arad. the parking was fine, the view was great, the show was fantastic, but….

    the tickets were priced differently, yet once everyone was directed where to go at the entrance, they basically ended up sitting anywhere. aside from the first two rows which were reserved for those with invitations,once you got past the end of the separating rope, it was basically free-for-all seating for paying customers no matter the price of your ticket.
    early arrivals placed their things on several seats to save space for their friends who arrived much later, many after the show had begun, while others had to scramble to find empty seats. an older woman with a walking stick had to climb the steps past rows of empty booked seats to find a free one she could sit in. one row had five consecutive seats with personal items on them saved for God only knows who! some people leaving their seats for a few minutes lost them upon return.

    for a very civilized cultured event, my friends and I found the seating arrangements very uncivilized and very uncultured, and it spoiled the experience.

    perhaps the organizers might consider numbering the tickets and seats, as that would automatically stop the above behaviour, and would definitely add to the experience.

    and may we always have such high calibre events..

  4. Ess says:

    woooohooooo!!!! YES! I can’t wait!

  5. Dilmun says:

    Now, I will officially forgive EDB for Bahrain Summer.

  6. mahmood says:

    I completely agree about the seats CWT; in fact they also mislabeled the cheaper ticketed seats too; they originally were supposed to be at the top, but when we arrived at the venue we discovered that those seats were shoved to the extreme edges on the right and left rather than on top! That pissed me off, but didn’t stop us from enjoying both evenings. I am sure that we would have enjoyed them more had we gotten the original seats we reserved.

  7. Dude says:

    wooohooo spring of culture, i went to last years jazz concert… Go Abe!!

    Cant wait for the line up this year.

  8. CeCe says:

    Wow! Now that’s something new to me. It sounds very interesting. Cannot wait!

  9. amal says:

    ..all your above comments, in addition to many others, have already been taken into consideration by the orginzers 😉

    i really can’t wait!

  10. can we talk says:

    thanx amal, i’m sure it’ll be great

  11. Abu Joori says:

    I couldn’t attend any of the events last year. Looking forward to attend at least couple of them this year!.

    This is GREAT!.

  12. Richard says:

    can anyone tell me where I can get tickets? Do you just have to turn up on the night? It’s a little bizarre that there isn’t a ticket office or somewhere obvious to go and get tickets.

  13. mahmood says:

    There are actually FIVE locations Richard.

    All it takes to find them is to go to the official site and click a button.

    It’s bizarre that you didn’t think of that first! :w00t:

  14. Richard says:

    Ha ha, you’re right. Thanks for the info and I’ll be getting tickets.

    It would have helped if Bahrain Weekly, for example, which had a big article on the spring of culture, had information about where to buy tickets …

    anyway, it looks a tremsndous feast and I can’t wait. 🙂

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