Breakfast time!

28 Jan, '07

Breakfast time!

Breakfast time!, originally uploaded by malyousif.

We have many parakeets coming down for breakfast every morning. And as the weather has been rather cold for Bahrain, they have been ravenous. Together with other birds, the heaped plate of food my wife puts out to them every morning is finished within a few hours. There is rarely anything left by early afternoon.

We have frozen a lot of dates we harvested last summer, my wife now thaws a bowl-full and puts that out to them together with nuts and seeds, so we have parakeets, mynahs, pigeons, bulbuls and sparrows all come down to feed. The bulbuls especially love the dates.

It’s really thrilling to watch them have their breakfast every morning while we’re having ours!

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  1. Dude says:

    How Nice :p

    shilla for the people and dates for the birds! :happy:

  2. Butterfly says:

    I can see five parakeets in the picture. Three are eating, one is watching and the fifth is daizzy :tongue:

    Mahmood, I think your dates are expired heheheh.

    Anyway, nice picture and its nice to think of feeding the birds.

  3. Butterfly says:

    Daizzy = dizzy

  4. Maverick says:

    Superb capture! :w00t:
    Nice setting. πŸ™‚
    Excellent shot of bird in flight with the motion blur showing wing movement and the spread of wing feathers in flight. You can enlarge just that bird for a nice framed shot.

    Another superb shot Mahmood. Keep it up. I have noticed that you create a scenario naturally and hence get great pictures.

    Keep up the great work! 😎

  5. Butterfly says:


    No need for clarification and enlarging just that bird :biggrin:

    I am sure that that bird is in flight .. but another scenario can be that the bird is going to faint :angel:

    Just kidding. I like the shot πŸ˜‰

  6. mahmood says:

    I took a lot more (better) shots this morning. I’ll select a couple and upload them to my Flickr account soon.

  7. mahmood says:

    I’ve just uploaded 8 shots I took this morning.

    I hope you enjoy them.

  8. Butterfly says:


    I like the second shot you uploaded more than the first one.

    You said that these shots were taken today, but did you notice that there are five of them once again!! I think they agreed to meet everyday in your garden to have their breakfast πŸ™‚

  9. mahmood says:

    Butterfly you’re right. I was more prepared for them today (as I remembered to increase the shutter speed to freeze the action more) and I got better pictures.

    I would like to get closer to them and am thinking of ways to build a hide in the garden… that could be a project!

    Glad you enjoy the pictures though. These are my presents to YOU for the fantastic recent articles you have been writing. I couldn’t comment unfortunately as I need to register, and as it’s a Micro$oft site, I refuse to do so! If and when you want to migrate, let me know and I’ll help you out πŸ˜‰

  10. Butterfly says:

    Thanks Mahmood :blush:

  11. tooners says:

    how glorious! this is such a wonderful site! how nice of the wife to put the food out for the birds. she has such a sweet heart. we have some wild parakeets, i wonder if they’d come down to feed if i put out food.

    these pics make me sad in that we have some that are caged. now, after having caged birds, i don’t like it. no birds should be caged…. i’d let them go but i fear that they’d be unable to take care of themselves.

  12. Butterfly says:

    Yes tooners, no birds should be caged πŸ™

  13. mahmood says:

    If they’re born into captivity, or have been captivated for a long time, it is wrong to release them as they will not be able to just “take” to the wild again.

    I have no problem personally of caged birds if done properly; if that were not allowed, people (in Bahrain and otherwise) would not have been introduced to the loveliness of the canaries, budgies, parrots and various other species who suffer no ill effects of being in a cage. If the cage is specifically made for them and is roomy enough etc that is.

  14. Maverick says:

    Another beauty M! Thanks for it. The parrot in flight reminds of the GUlf Air Falcon Logo with wings spread.

    Great catch. As a suggestion, you can pitch a tent with a window like the national geographic photograpers and clik away close ups without disturbing the birds. :biggrin:

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