Shut the hell up Jermaine!

30 Jan, '07

We have enough crazies in Islam already, we don’t need one more!

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  1. anonymous says:

    :ermm: we have enough freaks in islam as it is… thank you very much germaine… get lost dude! :getlost:

  2. Jasra-Jedi says:

    this made me laugh!!!!!! thanks mahmood … i needed it today …

  3. Ian says:

    Lets see. . . MJ still has a great deal of outstanding debts I believe.
    If he converted to Islam, I’m sure this would be seen as a ‘coup’ by some and I’m certain that he would be ‘rewarded’ heavily for the conversion, eliminating his financial problems.
    Totally unfeasible? I don’t think so.
    These ideas were toted around last year when MJ was a guest over in Bahrain.

  4. Wolfwood says:

    Try as they might, they’ll only make things worse. Not like either of them is actually devout anyway. They’re kinda like the athletes who get ‘drafted’ in to represent Bahrain and have them change their names to be more ‘islamic’. But try as they might to be ‘muslims’, Jermaine (aka Muhammed Abdul Aziz) will still be greasy looking hypocrite (his conversion didn’t stop him cuckolding his brother Randy) and MJ (or Makki Jassim as the joke refers to him as)..well, I don’t have enough words in my vocabulary to begin describing what’s wrong with him :biggrin:

    Ian, you realise said monetary reward for his conversion will be a bit over half a billion…at least. No way he’s gonna get that without the entire country rioting, hehehe…

  5. mahmood says:

    and I’ll happily lead that riot! :devil:

  6. Bernie says:

    Oh great, just what a country needs… import and American nutter. :blink:

  7. Ian says:

    Send him to Saudi, they can afford it . . .
    He’d drop right in with their brand of nutters :whistle:

  8. Mavis says:

    Poor Bahrain, and just what Islam doesn’t need.

    Let the jokes begin. :silly:

  9. Redbelt says:

    If someone wants to convert, let them. Good for them. If you don’t like them stay away.
    Should that have a negative effect of somesort, then we can flame.

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