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31 Jan, '07

Bahraini Bloggers listen up:

I got contacted by Al-Jazeera International (English) who (initially) wanted to interview me about the Just Bahraini campaign, and now they grew that idea where they want to do a whole program on the Bahraini political scene, and want to talk to several bloggers. If you want to get involved in this, please get in contact with me as soon as possible.

Here’s the body of the email I received from them today:

A team is going to be in Bahrain sometime within the next 2-8 days in order to shoot for a half hour documentary on Bahraini politics. I already understand that Abdurrahman and James have contacted you and I was wondering if you could also alert a few of your other blogging companions about their visit. The team would like to meet with you as well as with a group of bloggers (you included). We would appreciate it if you could get a number of bloggers from a wide spectrum (shii, sunni, male, female) so that we can really get some good footage of what different people really think.

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  1. JustBahraini says:


    Don’t forget to wear the button and smile, you are on Al-Jazeera :biggrin:

  2. M says:

    Real genuine TV superheros. Wow :wub:

  3. And don’t forget to link the programme somewhere so that we … those stranded abroad.. get a chance to see you shine!!!

  4. mahmood says:

    That’s fine, if there is to be a program, then it has to have some people in it, and so far I’ve only received one request!

    So come on guys, let’s get on TV!

  5. LuLu says:

    That is really cool! It’ll be so interesting! I’m currently in the US for a professional course but please, please try to upload it to youtube or something. Way to go Just Bahraini campaign! :biggrin:

  6. Hashim says:


    Do you think that they be interested in having original music composed for the documentary?

    I’m dead serious.

  7. mahmood says:

    Hashim, no idea, if I meet the producer I’ll give him your number.

    Lulu you were the one I wanted to be on this program! That’s an easy escape for you…

    That still doesn’t solve our problem in getting more people on the program!

  8. AJJ says:

    What about christians, jews, atheists – the arrogance of it!!!!

    I hope you will boycott the interview on principle.

    Don’t throw away your reputation for the sake of fame!!!!!

    Bahrainis have something special which trancends religious beliefs, don’t fall prey to corruption.

    Anyhow if you do go through with it I for one will be very disappointed.

  9. Anonymous says:

    How about Tariq Khonji?

  10. Dude says:

    ^ me again, sorry…

  11. tooners says:


    I don’t get your point. What does any of what you say have to do with this?

  12. mahmood says:

    AJJ although I don’t need your permission nor approbation, I am intrigued by your assessment of the situation. It’s an interview that will hopefully further the Unity of the Bahraini person, how can that be “bad” and “disappointing?”

    I have always held that this campaign starts with trying to ameliorate the differences between the two main sects of Islam in Bahrain specifically, and develop it to be “Just Bahraini” as the brand. If you don’t understand that, then I am really disappointed!

  13. mahmood says:

    Oh, let me disappoint you further: I’ve just come back from giving an extensive interview to the Globe and Mail of Canada about the very same subject. I’ll give you a link once it is published.

  14. Anonymous says:

    don’t listen to them you should be proud mahmood; and they should wish they gave half the effort you gave.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Lulu you were the one I wanted to be on this program! That’s an easy escape for you…

    I doubt she can Mahmood, especially after her recent post about the crown prince and the dinosaur.. oooops I forgot that they deleted it 😆

  16. Bernie says:

    I’m impressed Mahmood. Good luck with it and congratulations on the publicity.

  17. mishmish says:

    Mahmood, looks like the PR campaign is going strong. Imagine if you sent out the odd press release – you might soon be inundated.

    Would be great to get you onto BBC World and CNN too..

  18. SoulSearch says:

    Mahmood, you have got to upload it to youtube or something. I would die if I didnt watch it, and since I’m at work for 2/3rds of my life, I dont get to watch much TV.

    Looking forward to seeing you shine,


  19. Esra'a says:

    MAJOR PROPS. I hope the Just Bahraini campaign expands beyond belief.

    Keep it up.

  20. Anonymous says:

    lol anonymous

    That post about the Crown Prince is I think the mildest post I’ve ever written.. it’s all complements! maybe you should read my December 2006 rants :p

    (I’m re-writing it now to post it again..I lost it due to my own technical retardation.. oppss)

    But seriously.. I’m so proud Mahmood@@

  21. LuLu says:

    lol anonymous

    That post about the Crown Prince (I recovered it finally!) is almost the mildest post I’ve ever written.. it’s all complements! maybe you should read my December 2006 rants :p

    But seriously.. I’m so proud Mahmood@@ and wish I was there

  22. Anonymous says:


    The point is they are only interested in Muslim Bahrainis…..

  23. AJJ says:

    …. the above was me.

    Of course I forgot there is no other type …. is there?

  24. Dude says:

    Mahmood, you are metal \m/

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