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4 Feb, '07

Mohammed Fadhel‘s article in today’s Al-Waqt is worth reading and further consideration. He calls for the amelioration of sectarian differences by heeding Shaikh Isa Qassim’s advice delivered during his Ashoora speech and for a national reconciliation between the sects or at least for people to see their religious leaders from both camps in the same photograph!

The other article looks at reducing or even obliterating the tensions between both camps through trade and commerce. Kareem Radhi puts in a good scenario in which these difference could be removed by bringing forth several examples where people from both sects inter-trade without batting an eyelid.

Maybe a good solution then is to combine both approaches to get us out of this mess!

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  1. AbuRasool says:

    I do share your hope, Mahmood. Any ray of hope is good enough for me. May I add that shiekh Hamad has to chip in. From my perspectiv, he does not seem to mind the way things are evolving in Bahrain. The more infighting, even petty squabbles, among the his subjects the weaker they become. This sound way cynical. But who disputes that past medieval monarchs were cynical as well? Let us hope that he sees what many like you and Mohammad are pointing at : Bahrainis must be upgraded from mere subjects to citizens. AbuRasool

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