Redistribution of Water Resources, Bahraini style

5 Feb, '07

Redistribution of Water Resources, Bahraini style

Redistribution of Water Resources, Bahraini style, originally uploaded by malyousif.

Ever wonder where all the "temporary lakes" that we have in every neighbourhood in Bahrain after a little rain goes?

Here’s your answer. The municipalities contract private companies to remove those lakes… and then it is completely up to the driver (or his management who pretend not to know or look) to find an empty piece of land to dump it on.

Not to the sea, or even better, a sump where the water could go into the already depleted aquifers, but directly into an empty piece of land to be wasted, once again, and create the multitude of mosquitoes we suffer from from time to time.

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  1. nurox says:

    Hey, got any of the company’s numbers? we could do with a giant lake nearby, or better yet, flood the place enough on this side of the island to get my window a sea view!

  2. Butterfly says:

    and then they raise environmental issues!

  3. Rayyash says:

    its the new project to get Bahrain “ام المليون نخلة “

  4. Redbelt says:

    I thought they’d go to the sea! Which is a very logical thing if you don’t want to use the water!

  5. Barry says:

    Ok, Bahrain’s soil is mostly sand, right? If so, then why hasn’t someone thought of a percolation lot for these trucks to dump the water? Is water that free a resource there? I didn’t think an Island in an ocean in a desert climate would allow water to be wasted like that? We get significantly more rain than you guys do, but every block here has a percolation lot behind the houses to allow rain water to filter through the sand back into the soil. All it takes is to dig a hole deeper than the surrounding area, fence it off to keep the kids out, et, voila!

    Of course, this all depends upon people making sure their kids don’t play in it, and people don’t use it as a rubbish hole.

  6. Maverick says:

    I once saw a pick-up truck dump building waste in Arad some years ago while exercise walking and I did not have a camera at that time. The bay has been cleaned up a bit since then.

    I won’ be surprised if some bigwig is behind this crap dumping as long as it is not in his/her backyard. :sick: :angry:

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