Maysa’a Hazeem, first female Bahraini pilot

Maysa’a Hazeem, first Bahraini commercial pilot

Congratulations Maysa’a! You make us all proud in your achievements. I know how hard it is to get to that right seat, but you made it and all power to you.

I would be honoured to have you in the driving seat any time I fly.

We need more like you and I am sure that you will be an inspiration to a lot of young Bahraini ladies who should realise that the sky is no longer the limit!

Well done!

  • sillybahrainigirl
    6 February 2007

    This is awesome!!

  • M
    6 February 2007

    Brains, beauty and guts; it doesn’t get any better. Good on her.

  • mahmood
    6 February 2007

    This is actually a very determined young lady!

    I have not listed her actual path to this new position, so let me elucidate a bit taken from Al-Wasat (in Arabic) which is linked in the main article above:

    • Studied Electronic Engineering at the University of Bahrain in 2000
    • Worked as an Air Traffic Controller for two years
    • Joined Gulf Air’s pilot training program in 2004
    • She just passed the Airbus 320 first officer test (or is that the 2nd officer at the moment?)
  • Hanmeed
    6 February 2007

    Congratulations Maysa’a!

    Well done!

  • mishmish
    6 February 2007

    This is progress ! Great achievement !

  • docspencer
    7 February 2007



  • Sami
    7 February 2007

    Nice, we’re starting to get in business in the Arab countries… I hope you in Bahrain transfer this ”technology” to your neighbor, Saudi Arabia, at least to allow women drive a 4 wheeler with no wings…

  • T.J. Neruda
    7 February 2007

    Wonderful that Maysa chose this job, we need more women in as wide a variety of fields as possible making a difference just by being at their respective professions. Seeing her in that uniform just made my afternoon. I wonder what her family thought about this… if they supported her then by all means, they deserve our respects too!

  • Ian
    7 February 2007

    I remember a year or so ago reading about a Saudi woman got her license to fly multi engine aircraft which made it very ironic. There was a woman who could fly a commercial jet with passengers, but couldn’t drive a car in her own country. . .
    Congratulations to Maysa’a on a great achievment, and her determination. I just hope that more women embark on similar journeys with as good if not greater results. Break the glass ceiling.
    It’s interesting to note the stats that point out that the ladies are doing much better at school & uni than the guys. Less distractions perhaps . . . or just more determination.


  • Citizen Quasar
    7 February 2007

    “And so…the King is ONCE AGAIN our guest…
    And why is this? Was Herod unimpressed?…”

  • Maverick
    7 February 2007

    I am so pround of her. We need more women driving busses, taxies, deilvery vehicles. This will also cut underemployment, dependence on foreigners and other employment problems. 🙂 🙂

    She just passed the Airbus 320 first officer test (or is that the 2nd officer at the moment?)

    It was for FIRST OFFICER. There is 2nd officer post. You always train and build experience as s first officer under a captain. 😎

    There was a woman who could fly a commercial jet with passengers, but couldn’t drive a car in her own country. . .

    This is because driving in Saudi is dangerous and you can get chased by woves….in the sky there are no wolves to chase you :tongue: :cheerful:

  • Ibn
    7 February 2007

    Yeah … she doesnt look too bad either… I wonder if she could give me a tour of the mile-high club… 😛


  • Anon 4-ever
    7 February 2007

    What more is she gonna give Bahrain!? first lady pilot big deal guys!

    Anon- 4 ever :ninja:

  • mishmish
    8 February 2007

    Ibn, this is the typical male chauvinist reply of a guy who really hasn’t ‘got it’ and needs to big himself up because inside he really feels VERY SMALL.

    CAN YOU FLY A PLANE ? Or do anything useful ? :sick:

  • Geordie
    8 February 2007

    Is she single???

  • mahmood
    8 February 2007

    Quit perving guys. This does not become you.

    Celebrate the young lady’s achievement and at least congratulate her for arriving at this stage in her career.

  • mishmish
    9 February 2007

    Lots of small man syndrome going on here ! :angry:

  • Cerebralwaste
    9 February 2007

    It has crossed my mind and I wonder just how long it will be before some chauvinist refuses to fly on the same plane as her and attempts to create a fuss over the issue.

    I say MORE power to her and I tip my hat to Maysa’a for obtaining a position that many try but few succeed. :cheerful:

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