Do what I preach, not what I do

13 Feb, '07

Imagine how my jaw dropped when I read the following in this morning’s Al-Waqt:

“كان من الأفضل للموظف المتضرر اللجوء إلى مكتب الوزير قبل القضاء”

Which translates to “It would have been better for the wronged employee to have sought the minister’s office before going to the courts”

Who said that!

None but the effervescent minister of municipalities and agriculture, and for once, I actually agree with him! Yes I do!

Mansour bin Rajab

His reported position; however, lacks legitimacy, especially that he himself not only directly resorted to the courts without any attempt whatsoever to resolve a dispute amicably, yet he finds it quite natural – it would seem – for him to tell others to follow what he preaches, but obviously not what he actually does.

For someone in his excellency’s position, one would hope that he leads by example, don’t you think.

I do hope, for our sake at least, that this position is nothing more than yet another momentary lapse of reason rather than an ingrained habit.

Goose and gander?

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