Those dirty conspiratorial Americans!

18 Feb, '07

Anwar Abdulrahman: Now that readers are fully in the picture about this Washington scenario, I ask them a few simple questions. Is this not an act of conspiracy? Is this not a betrayal of trust? Is this not an act of treason by any country’s standards?

Or do we understand that under American globalisation such inquisitions will become its mandatory right?

It seems clear that America’s legal framework is seriously flawed and compromised if it can judge a country merely by listening to two known agitators.

It makes us wonder. Is America run by sane or insane people, allowing their country to drift into serious moral decadence?

American officials visiting Bahrain or living here are only too happy to praise excellent relations between the two countries. As a result trade has passed the $1 billion mark for the first time. Yet they allow such a shameful gathering to take place in their land.

Bahrain’s banking regulations and its transparency is far purer and cleaner than even America’s. In Bahrain there is no black money – unlike that tainted by the US Mafia!

Also, on what basis do American authorities – known for their draconian checks on visa suitability – allow such people into Washington? Who is actually financing such trips?

The American ambassador has a lot of explaining to do to Bahrain’s Press. In fact authorities here should also thoroughly investigate this episode with him.

This country, in the last eight years, has achieved much to be really proud of. Reforms were not imposed but were the dream and intention of His Majesty The King from the very day he assumed the throne – many years before the so-called American democratisation of the world.

While searching for the right words to sum up this column, I can find no better expression than that used by 16th Century English writer Sir John Harrington, who said: “Treason doth never prosper, and if it prospers, none dare call it treason”.

And I can sum it up with my own quotation too without having to resort to a book of quotations: what a load of codswallop!

Anwar Abdulrahman is hardly “teaching” the Americans about democracy and a sense of fair play, what he is actually doing with his piece is, ehm, enamour himself to his masters by labeling Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja a traitor and everyone else in that conference a conspirator, rather than even doing his journalistic duty and questioning or at least highlighting the content of their message and impartially discussing it to leave the final decision to his readership.

And before anyone jumps the gun here, this is not a defence of Al-Khawaja or Al-Bandar. I told Al-Khawaja to his face that I do not agree with his tactics, as to Al-Bandar, I do not care about him one whit. What I do care about is that I want to find out if their message and reports hold any measure of truth, what that truth is, and how we might engage ourselves as a country to fix what they say is wrong if indeed it does exist. The government’s gag order – which has been conveniently been expanded beyond the actual judicial order by Abdulrahman and his ilk to include everything to do with the reports – does not help one iota in allowing us to confront wrongs.

He conveniently forgets that we do indeed have problems and if they are not corrected in an expeditious and courageous manner, they will become insurmountable. With these paid journalists attitude, not only are they preventing any solution to these problems, but they are refusing to allow solutions to exist or even contemplated!

What I would rather see is these papers grow a set and specifically discuss Bandargate to educate people of its content, impartially, and bring the conspiracies – if any – out in the open and allow readers to make up their own minds after reading proper investigative journalism pieces, rather than the tripe which is written and paid for.

But then if all they care about is running ads and unlabeled advertorials while content is of a secondary and inconvenient nature, the majority of which is provided by news agencies and the BNA and reproduced verbatim and the only “articles” are the likes of what is produced above… they deserve the yellow patina they are painted with.

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  1. Hobbyist says:

    An unconditional ‘yes’ is to that Anwar’s was yet another unlabeled advertorial. To those who do not already know, beware that that was all our press was allowed to publish in the past three or more decades.

    Many of his ‘journalist’ colleagues were bread, fed and graduated in the ethics and value systems of that era – which has hardly changed in essence; although some argue that it has changed at least in form.

    On the other hand I support the suggestion that that way of thinking has neither changed. Nor is there anything in the horizon that may suggest that it is even changing. One can sight the very Anwar’s advertorial discussed here as evidence in this context.

    At one stage, Anwar was a young intern, many of the older participants in htis forum might still remember and he was surrounded and groomed by the same Egyptian God-farters whom he has grown to boss around as of today– simply for being a Bahraini.

    But has he escaped their teaching? Nor has he any ability to jump out of ‘the box’.

    Maybe it is in order to say too, that, it is a vicious phenomenon which has secured for itself, or someone wants it to be, perpetual. What happens is that young, unsuspecting graduates joining as fresh journalists tend to learn ethos from Anwer-type-old-hands as fast as they tend unlearn the ethics that they might have learned in college. Any initial resistance they may be able to put up fades away soon, under constant attack of the carrot and the stick which they soon realize exists in real life. This was not a factor felt or recognised during college days. Perhaps it one of “the things they do not teach you in college” any way.

    In the wider sphere, it now transpires that, workings and schemes as those found in Bandergate II are not actually novel; or the brainchild of the named minister. Processes like those surfaced to public awareness this time only and solely by chance too – i.e. not be any stately design. All the time, they were there doing there work and effect, i.e. conditioning all brackets of the people – including targets like journalists, judges, investigators, police ranks and officers and especially the clergymen.

  2. I shot J.R. says:

    The edit-whore in chief of the critically acclaimed GDN needs to write in english. That wasn’t english, but a japanese version of ‘engrish’, just a bunch of words thrown around parading his usual bullshit; this is a lesson on how to kiss ass, except that this showed you how to lick ass (sorry, if I’m being too graphic, but this smiley face has more charisma than mr. brown noser) :sleeping:

    Unfortunately for ‘Double A’, the people he’s trying to impress probably wouldn’t understand what he said, even if they have a priest present, sitting with a code breaker, a lie detector test, Webster’s dictionary, a really good thesaurus, Anwar Abdulrahman himself, God, the fairy godmother, a couple of smart people, the dude who invented the english language, Anwar’s ID, Anwar’s long lost twin who understands everything he says, Freud, Yoda, the guy with a beard from The Matrix, and the little bastard kid who understands what Lassie says every time timmy falls down the well.

    ‘The American ambassador has a lot of explaining to do to the Bahraini Press’ he says. Ummmmmm…. I think WE need a decent English (not Engrish) newspaper that doesn’t write horseshit like this. And you can take your book of quotes and stick it up your :face:

  3. josh says:


  4. docspencer says:

    Mahmood!!! :w00t:

    What the hell is codswallop??:cool: Does it smell as bad as yakshit?? :cwy:

    Worse?! :dizzy:

  5. Bandargate says:

    The Bahraini delegate was not invited by the American administration. They have met with academics, representatives from several human rights groups and democracy advocators. So Anwar A.Rahman is basically asking the American government to deny the right of American citizens to meet with other rights groups in Bahrain. What type of democracy is he talking about? What’s the conspiracy in meeting with Human Rights Watch, Human Rights First, Witnesses Organization, Amnesty International, etc. ?? Why are you afraid of these groups?

  6. Lethargic editor says:

    American officials visiting Bahrain or living here are only too happy to praise excellent relations between the two countries. As a result trade has passed the $1 billion mark for the first time. Yet they allow such a shameful gathering to take place in their land.

    Fancy that the learned gentleman is the editor-in-chief of his newspaper, which proclaims being the first Daily in Bahrain (being first in what!, I guess in surviveability). Yet, he reads to have no clue as to how the three things in the quote work – diplomatic praise of the bilateral relations; bilateral trade; and AEI’s rights as a US legal citizen.

    Nor can I ever hope to be endowed with enough reason or learnedness to decipher how the gathering (link in # 7 above) can be said to be ‘shameful’ – as this word is defined here.

  7. Anonymous says:

    :sleeping: :unsure:

  8. sacrifice says:


    I come from Austria and I’m 20 years old.
    I’ve read about you on
    It’s an german article, but it just says about your “fight”.

    I hope you have enough endurance!
    Will think of you guys!

    nice wishes,

  9. I says:

    Check out today’s (Wednesday) GDN for the US Ambassador’s well worded reply and Anwar’s pathetic rejoiner.


  10. Lethagic editor says:

    If it ever were by meritocracy, this editor-in-chief would have already been shown the doorway, the rejoinder (in link # 12 above) is yet another colossal blunder by him.

    admin edit: this person uses several identities to spam the site. Please ignore.

  11. i SEND THIS TO JAPAN says:

    Your article is fantastic, I look forward to reading more of your work once you graduate.

    You were not even at the meeting but you conclude as if you were there

    Oh they met and discussed things big deal! you cant even understand that intelligent people use a process to fact find in order to gain information and share some and not necessarily make any conclusions. And you conclude for your own village mentality political agenda.

    If you want to put a fire under everyone’s ass and raise some passion then you need to think a bit more outside the box.

    For your information, I sent your article to Japan, they will have a laugh, intelligent progressive societies always benchmark. Anyway I am sure you have some good qualities? Maybe you’re good at painting on Cave Walls! Your posts in the GDN are certainly crap. Lets blame other countries for our own desperate situation…..Is this what it means to be from the Middle East…Blame the world its there thought not ours.

    What a joke, your still living in the middle ages………of with there heads and the world is flat…..yes right


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