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25 Feb, '07

Guys, I’ve been asked where a couple might have their wedding anniversary dinner in Bahrain and if I had any suggestions.

Chocolate Hearts

As I don’t know any “proper” restaurant other than Paco’s and the food court (the new one) at Seef, so can you guys help by suggesting a “nice and secluded and very romantic restaurant” where the happy couple might spend a few hours of bliss together?

My husband and I are going to be celebrating our one-year anniversary soon, and I want to plan something special. Do you know of any extremely romantic spots here in Bahrain? We have debated traveling elsewhere, but seeing as how leaving the country might be difficult, I wanted to see if I could come up with something here.

Are there any spots that have an amazing view. Ideally something secluded? Anything at all that you could recommend would be greatly appreciated!

Your suggestions will be really appreciated.

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  1. What about Lantrens? :heart:

  2. Just me says:

    The only place that I thought was truly romantic was the french restaurant in la fontaine centre for contemporary art or whatever it is called

  3. mahmood says:

    Mark, I know your idea of a romantic dinner is a couple of shawarmas and a cold beer, but the lady differs with our definition!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well since you like Paco’s, then why dont you try CASA MEXICANA
    in adliya. It has fantastic food and a very romantic atmosphere to include spanish music.

  5. Ah it was worth a try Mahmood! :biggrin:

  6. mahmood says:


    Leave Paco’s? Leave my HQ number Uno?


  7. Ali says:

    There are Lots:

    1- New Brazilaing Rest. in Adleya,
    2- Persian Rest. in Adleya
    3- Fish Market – Bander
    4- Mmm I forgot the name, but the rest. in Adleya Near NYIT- NewYork Institute of technology. Its too romantic
    5- Italian Rest. in East Riffa – Mamameya
    6- Monsoon In adleya.

  8. anonymous says:

    Mezzaluna have nice sofa corners–romantic

  9. Munther says:

    how about Upstairs Downstairs at Adliya? or Alfanar at Diplomat ? or even the la pearl at Novotel ?

  10. Sara says:

    La Fontaine, near American Mission Hospital (Hoora) is beautiful & romantic in the evening!

  11. Monline says:

    I would suggest La Mediteranee at the Ritz Carlton Bahrain
    I personally like this one.. It’s kinda romantic..
    If you go early evening, have dinner, and have some tea/coffee at the lobby-cafe, with live romantic music..

  12. Salman says:

    Mahmood, tikka by the sea, just like the good old days :tongue:

    Also, you must have a white convertable suzuki lol, and the bonnest it to be used as the table. Im jk.

    I once ate at a place in Adliya, i think it was run by 2 women who i think are from New Zealand, and most likely sisters. Its been a long time since i went there. It is a house, converted into a resteraunt. Seriously good food, great service, and they also have a garden full of flowers and colour (which you seem to love alot), should you chose to dine outside.

    Dont ask the name, i havent got a clue lol. Ask about it though. I vouch for that resteraunt.

  13. Butterfly says:

    If you want the truth Mahmood, there are no romantic resturants in Bahrain, it is crowded and noisy everywhere. But I will recommend
    Monsoon in Adliya and Roma in Umm Al Hassam.

  14. 2cents says:

    i would say Traders Vic would fit the bill, especially outside. It is on the grounds of the Ritz Carlton.

  15. mahmood says:

    Roma I think is the secludest, but no scenery to talk about. La Fontaine from the above list I think would win hands down although I have never been there other than seeing pictures. The Ritz without a doubt would have the best scenes though.

    How about Versailles at the Regency? That’s supposed to be the ultimate dining experience that even an Amex might cringe at, but would be an experience to last for quite a while.

  16. Butterfly says:

    It is either a classy/romantic atmosphere and awful food or good food in a casual atmosphere. مافي حل وسط

    So go for the romantic atmosphere and enjoy the plate presentation :sideways:

  17. Hisham says:

    La Fontaine.

  18. Reem says:

    in response to Ali’s list, he meant 4. La Cave

    it’s a standardish menu, but the new renovation makes it a great place to eat! and it’s not as busy as it used to be. it’s a standard cost of 9.5 per person i think

    i dont know if persian food is romantic…. it’s sooo heavy!

    La Fontaine is amazing in terms of scenery, but the food isn’t great, i’m not talking value for money.. but honestly… a tiny piece of meat.. probably smaller than a McD burger.. for BD20!

  19. Abu Arron says:

    a couple of shawarmas and a cold beer

    What, in the same place?! Where is this paradise?

  20. What, in the same place?! Where is this paradise?


    It is at my house. I will let you know I return. There is always a place at the table for a fellow shawarma/beer connoisseur.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I think the Moonsoooooon is the best for you Mahmooood…..

  22. BaHrAiNy says:

    yahhhhhh Mahmoood… MOOOOOOOONsOOOOnnn…..!!!

  23. Redbelt says:

    Monsoon And mezzaluna are good choices.
    But if you are a real carnivore (like moi) you’d love plumes, in Ritz carlton.
    Its a steak house. yet, ats dark, quite & elegant. And there are some fancy shmancy stuff on the menu for thoes who are less predetory.
    Should seafood be in order, I like the one in Novotel hotel, its quite nice.


  24. mahmood says:

    I need to fix my teeth. I’ve got a couple of volcanic craters as a result of fillings ejections… I just couldn’t be bothered to go to a dentist, after which I shall enjoy my meatisouriness to the extreme and shall sample some of the suggestions above for myself!

  25. Johnster says:

    All the above are great restaurants but very few of them meet the criteria of the initial enquiry which was “quiet and secluded”. Brazil, for example, is very noisy and crowded.

    I would have thought an outside table at Trader Vics is probably the closest to what the enquirer wants.

    It just goes to show that bahrain is actually very short of top end chef-driven restaurants. In fact, there is nowhere with a really outstanding menu.

  26. naddooi says:

    La fontaine, hands down, most romantic, secluded, sometimes totally to urself (especially for breakfast) restaurant…

    of course, if u decide to have breakfast, make sure u mention to them not to put too much salt in ur omelette, they tend to oversalt a tad…

    Oh, and if you go, have the cream caramel, its divine! :angel:

    I do agree, the food is a bit disappointing (especially when u see the place as you walk in, u’ll be expecting something amazing), BUT i think they are having a romantic dinner, who cares about the food?!?!? 😉

    You have the dimmed lights, the fountain, the chilled out music, looovely atmosphere!

    btw, they have a website!

    alright, i’ll stop advertising now… La Cave, i agree, is lovely too! But TV is usually too busy :/

  27. mishmish says:

    Mahmood….never been to La Fontaine ? Even if you don’t go for the food, go for the art one day – they have an excellent gallery and the building itself is a piece of art, I think you’ll really enjoy it.

  28. naddooi says:

    mishmish, Toooootally agree!

    And i keep getting their news letter, telling me whats on when over there 😀 They are showing a movie screening sometime this weekend i think…

  29. naddooi says:

    Oh, just to let you know, they are showing “The Dream” on wednesday, apparently an abbreviation of shakespears a midsummer night’s dream, sounds very culture like! :cheerful:

    U can call em for more details on it!

    unfortunately, I wont be here to go! :ermm:

  30. mishmish says:

    Go Mahmood, go !!!

  31. leena says:

    Le Fontaine


    Why not try to be different and set-up a lovely romantic dinner at home. Why does one have to share a special event like this with the public.

  32. Bu Mohamed says:

    How about Mamameia at Riffa.

  33. I says:

    Bahrain is blessed with a variety of very good restaurants. Many of them independent of hotels, a great difference between here and Dubai.
    My personal recommendation would be for Mezzaluna. Good ambiance and excellent food.
    Alternates include, Monsoon for Oriental food; Primavera (Ritz Carlton) for Italian (especially if you can get a table overlooking the beach.,very romantic) or Versailles (Intercontinental) for European cuisine where the prices have been ‘adjusted’ and are not as stratospheric as in the past.
    All have good enough chefs that they are regularly visited by the Chaine des Rotisseures so it’s just a question of finding the ambiance that suits you.

    Ultimately, it’s a question of trying as many as you can and finding the combination of good food, ambiance and good service. When all three come together at the same time, it’s brilliant. However, there are many occasions when they don’t. YMMV.
    Enjoy, and good eating.


  34. Johnster says:

    I have been put off Mezza Luna and Zoe (boith same Kuwaiti owner) since they presented coffee in a cafetiere and tried to palm me off with what was nescafe! “Sorry, machine broken” So I guess deception is OK. the next time I went, same story “sorry, machine broken”

    La Fontaine looks great but the food is dreadful

    We may have all these restaurants but none is outstanding

  35. Ess says:

    Thank you Mahmood for posting this!

    Thank you everyone for all your comments. I think I have plenty of ideas to go with all your suggestions. Shukran! :biggrin:

  36. Mezzaluna! 17742999
    they’re so friendly and it can’t be more romantic!

  37. docspencer says:

    We found many excellent restaurants in Bahrain. But my favorite was Cafe Lulu, romantic athmosphere, and the best milkshakes in the world – and good food of course.


  38. docspencer says:

    Also, the best food, and unparallelled view perhaps in the world is the restaurant almost on top of Burj al Arab in Dubai, especially after dark. And stay there overnight for your anniversary. Dubai is just a short and inexpensive hop from Bahrain for you. This would be a really fantastic experience for both of you. Add also a sunset, say 90 minute ride with a water taxi just for the two of you on the Creek in Dubai. It is a beautiful experience. We did this and you can see pictures of it at .

    Best regards,


  39. Joker says:

    If your friends are thinking of travelling, or anyone wants a decent place in Dubai, in the Emirates Tower there’s a lounge on the 51st floor (the cornerat the pinnacle of the tower) turned into a nice lounge, with a great view overlooking Dubai from big glass windows.

  40. Shahla says:

    My personal favourite is Mirai in Adliya.. if you like Sushi its amazing… also they have this really nice beef dish “Kalbi”very tender. The food is not all japanese, in case you don’t like sushi.. There is a nice lounge upstairs as well.. but if you do like sushi another place is Sato at the Gulf Hotel.. I like Mirai better.

  41. Ian says:

    I’m afraid I don’t have the necessary $1400 – $1900 to spend on one romantic night out at the Burg Al Arab (accomodation, not including the meal). Call me a cheapskake !
    Dubai is fast losing it’s status as a cheap destination for those of us in Bahrain. The air fare may be reasonable, but the prices of hotel rooms have gone through the roof over the last couple of years. To be honest, it almost costs as much to spend three days in Dubai as it does to spend a week in Thailand. . .

  42. mahmood says:

    Ian that’s very true. And Burj Al-Arab is an over-rated gilt-heavy gauche self-aggrandisement edifice of an inflated ego more than anything else. And I’m told that the food is crap! My brother-in-law got food poisoning from their fish restaurant.

    Looks nice on the outside though.

  43. docspencer says:

    Ian, I am talking about the restaurant on top of Burj-al-Arab. Fantastic view. You could get a room for $800 a year ago, but that’s not important. You could stay anywhere in Dubai. Joker’s suggestion of the 51st story lounge in the Emirates Tower has nice view of the city at night.

    Mahmood 42:

    Burj Al-Arab is an over-rated gilt-heavy gauche self-aggrandisement edifice of an inflated ego more than anything else. And I’m told that the food is crap!

    Burj-al-Arab is a world famous engineering and architectural project, subject of a one hour program that is totally positive both about the inside and outside AND services of Burj-al-Arab, on our National Geographic and Discovery Channels.

    Whatever you select Ian, I wish you both a very enjoyable evening!

    Best wishes,


  44. Ian says:

    I have no doubt that the Burg Al Arab is both an engineering and architectural marvel. However, people I’ve spoken to who’ve been there (I fully admit that I haven’t) do say that it is totally over the top and gauche. However, this does seem to be the preferred choice of the selected clientel that they are aiming the hotel for. Namely, rich Arabs who have seem to have more money than taste. This is their observation, not mine.
    The one singer who played both Bahrain and Dubai, booked into the Burg when in Dubai and then booked out the next day apparantly saying it was just too gaudy.
    Hey, you pays your money, you takes your choice.
    I’ll be in Dubai for the Shakira concert later this month, but somehow, I doubt that both Shakira and I will not be staying at the Burg al Arab. I can certainly say for myself, that I won’t be.



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