28 Feb, '07

Some sad sod is continuing to spam the blog because of an offence he took when I criticised a member of parliament. The member of parliament in question has a daughter who also took offence of what I had to say and her knight in shining armour decided to carry on a campaign of entering various comments under various guises attacking me personally, fully demonstrating his cowardice. This is okay with me if that’s how it gets his rocks off as he can’t get to the real thing I guess. But, this is disrupting the natural flaw of the discussions we are having here.

Therefore, to get rid of this pest, and thanks to him, I have to ask you to enter your name and email address or register in order to enter a comment. That first comment you enter will be moderated and released as soon as possible by myself, once that is done you can then comment to your heart’s content.

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  1. Butterfly says:


    I tried to register but it says ‘Inavlid Email Address’!

  2. mahmood says:

    You should be okay now that your first comment is approved. Thanks for trying (and the tickets!)

  3. Ian says:

    Just what you need, a argumentative person with what seems to be very little brain and an alledged chip on his shoulder.
    Don’t feed the troll, get rid of him.



  4. Sorry you had to go to these lengths Mahmood because of a troll. I hope this takes care of him…or her… :devil:

  5. Scott says:

    Can somebody explain the nuances of this “Sayyid”
    thing? Are sayyids supposed to be above criticism
    or something?


  6. ASKAD says:

    So i think we have a cyber terrorist, we need to expose him & send him to Guantanamo Bay :biggrin:

    The best think Mahmood is that you make registration mandatory so that we don’t have annon people that will do a hit and run thingi.

  7. M says:

    Ahh, hormones! :silly:

    Personally, I think you should simply contact the police. Since the govenment sees fit to prosecute you for the contents on your blog, I think they should apply the same standards to this clown and arrest him for threatening, libel, slander, cyberstalking etc. 😉

  8. Bernie says:

    Give him some slack Mahmood, it probably gives him a little power chubby to carry out these inane campaigns. 😉

  9. Laurie says:

    Your troll probably feels that if he only points out your failings and misteps you will be compelled to follow in his (?) correct and righteous path. Or something like that. He’s still an idiot, of course.

  10. docspencer says:

    Well, what kind of freedom of speech do you all want in Bahrain? This situation is a good test.

    Can participants give their opinions? Are name calling and insults enhancing the quality of the message? Do you want to encourage participation, or discourage those whose opinion you simply do not like, and make them go away?

    And…do you just want to throw your hands up and leave if you feel insulted? So my last point is: don’t just give up. If we give up at Mahmoods Den, how can we expect governments to work out existing problems?

    Batzi, Joel, Shachar, don’t give up so easily. And Ibn, although we may disagree at times, I like to read your analytical posts. I have not been seeing you lately.

    Best regards,


  11. Abu Arron says:

    There’s a big difference between expressing an opinion and commiting sabotage!! :devil:

  12. billT says:

    The price of fame and speaking out comes high doesn’t it Mahmood. You should ask to make a podcast with the King and try to get a handle on how free freedom of expression in Bahrain really is.

  13. Esra'a says:

    You should ask to make a podcast with the King.

    Haha, seconded!

  14. NewMe says:

    keep doing what you are doing… don’t mind “cotton candy” heads*
    with lotsa love

    * An expression i recently heard and thought it is just perfect


  15. milter says:

    I’ve been wondering for some time now, does a day in Bahrain have more than 24 hours today?

    I mean, with all the time you spend on gardening, taking photos, nursing your damaged back, going to bloggers’ conferences, repairing damaged hard drives, looking for subjects for your blog, replying in various threads, having tea with the police and now this, how do you ever find time for your own business ? :dizzy:

  16. Hi Mahmood, what is this all about? Can you post a link towhat started the whole thing? Or where I can find what the MP said? I am playing catch up with the posts @ Bahrain Blogs and I seem to have missed the entire thing! Besides what’s all this? Have ppl forgotten about free speech? The MP is a public figure and people have the right to talk about his statements and actions! But it seems some view freedom of speech as a right reserved only for themselves.

  17. mahmood says:

    how do you ever find time for your own business?

    Unfortunately I’ve been neglecting that part and that has started to change… will it affect my blogging frequency? Probably.. I just have to wake up earlier I guess! :ermm:

  18. LuLu says:

    This is funny

    Maybe she’s just too young and still gets sparkle-eyes about everything her dad says :wub: then you came and tarnished the fantasy.. ops


    On the bright side, at least now we can appreciate the sanity of the offspring of all those you had criticized before!

  19. allergic_to_everything says:

    Nice move bro…now you’ll only get those who agree with you posting.

    Another great day for freedom of expression.

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