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11 Mar, '07

Shameless plug warning!

Based on the wealth of experience gained over the last 16 years in consulting, supplying and providing services to regional and international radio and television stations and high-end production companies, we at Gulf Broadcast are proud to announce that we have now joined this illustrious group of luminaries by adding a media production capability to our repertoire of services.

We specialise in the production of documentary, promotional, instructional, and advertising videos for industrial and corporate markets and deliver final products in any format and quantity the client requests.

We have access to a number of experienced creative talent from producers, directors, cameramen, sound technicians, editors, graphics artists and of course actors, actresses and models who are available to make your production a success.

Our post-production facility is based on the premier in film and television equipment from Avid Technology. For production equipment, we match the job at hand to the best possible acquisition equipment and peripherals the shoot dictates.

The actual projects we can undertake are varied, so please do contact me to discuss any ideas you may have in this regard. Just as an example of the projects we can be involved in include the production of a documentary of the construction of a building or a whole city, we can shoot a product launch or a board meeting, a seminar or workshop, staff training or staff appreciation sessions, create a promotional video for inclusion in your promotional material provided on CD, DVD and streamed on your internet site or broadcast on television.

The projects we can be involved in are many in the industrial and corporate sectors, so do please contact me to discuss your requirements. I shall only be too happy to oblige.

Thank you very much indeed to taking the time to read this and I hope that I have not imposed too much on you with this announcement.

I look forward to be of service to you in the near future.

Spread the love guys! Let people know that my company is now available for industrial and corporate video production. Much thanks.

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  1. hashim says:

    Mahmood. Alf mabrook on the new services you’re providing. I think there is a great potential in Bahrain (and the GCC) for this type of business. I applaud you and wish you all the best.

  2. Butterfly says:

    My employer might be interested in your services. The last documantry film was produced in 2003, unfortunately not that creative.

    I will write the arabic script and you work on the production 🙂

  3. Hisham says:

    Super news! Mabrook indeed! Now, can I get a tour of the facility?? :biggrin:

  4. Ali says:

    Why you dont add an Academy for teaching that skills ? how to produce how to capture ,how to edit ,,etc ..I think you will defintly get good $$$ of it.

    How much it cost for a 15sec ads or 30sec ads video ? the cheapest pls :p I might think to go for it if it is worthwhile, and if you know how much BTV charge for that 15sec.

  5. Songwriter says:

    I don’t see any reference to creative musicians or score writers so I presume you steal other peoples music for your ads and promotions and deny the writers their copyright fees, but why should that surprise me. The only ad agency that I know of in the gulf that uses music specifically composed for their clients is ADMAZE MEDIA in Bahrain . . . why don’t you contact them.

    Butterfly, I have never come across a creative script done by an employee, leave it to the professionals – and use an original soundtrack.

    Ali, you will get what you pay for and what you deserve, so don’t spend anything less than BD 5,000 for a 30 sec video. If your product is not worth that amount of expenditure for an ad then it is not worth advertising. PS if you had a heart attack would you pick the cheapest doctor?

  6. mahmood says:

    I presume you steal other peoples music for your ads and promotions and deny the writers their copyright fees

    We have an Arabic saying: “Each person sees in others what he sees in himself”

    Which means that as you have unfairly accused us of theft of other people’s intellectually property, you most definitely do so yourself. Let me assure others; however, that this is most definitely not the case with us as we happily and willingly pay for creative services, music and original score is just one of them.

    Butterfly, I would love to work with you, it would be an honour. I know the quality of your writing and I think you would write an excellent script that would make your employer proud.

    Hashim and Hisham, your services are very much called for!

    Ali, we’ve been doing individual training for 16 years. Ask, and if you have the money, you shall receive!

    Thanks all for your encouragement and good wishes.

  7. Well says:

    That’s not true Songwriter, in reference to your comment that the only production house that uses orginal sound tracks to their music is ADMAZE.

    I heard that AL-WA’AD MEDIA PRODUCTION in Bahrain has produced all of their corporate videos and documentaries using orginal music scores produced by the Bahraini music studio Mello Studios.

    Just correcting your comments earlier there.

  8. mahmood says:

    I agree with Well. We have a wealth of music talent in Bahrain, I should know, I sold most of them music production equipment and judging by the rate at which they buy products, they’re doing very well.

  9. hashim says:


    I agree with Well. Al Waad Media Production (WMP) has been working closely with us (Mello Studio for years, and they’ve shown, and continue to show, great interest and appreciation for composing original music or score for their video projects.

    Besides, Mahmood never strikes me as a person who would steal other people’s music and use it for his own monetary benefit.

    The fact of the matter is that original music tremendously magnifies the impact on your picture, it’s like the icing on a cake; and a good director knows that.

  10. mahmood says:

    I disagree Hashim!

    The sound is at least half the story. People can excuse a bad picture but they will never do so for bad sound. So sound quality and score are extremely important to any video production and now with the higher resolutions available, this is even of more importance.

  11. hashim says:

    well said Mahmood … well said 😉

  12. Mrs. Steven Rudy says:

    First of all congrats Mahmood and all the best!

    As for Mr. Songwriter, let’s just correct some of the information that you have mentioned in your post. Are you trying to tell us that Admaze which doesn’t even have a decent website is the only company in all of the GCC states that produces videos with original sound tracks!!

    If you actually believe in that then you know nothing about what’s going on around you!

    Coincidentally I have seen works produced by both companies Admaze Bahrain and Al-Wa’ad Media Production (WMP) and I am not trying to advertise towards any entity since I can care less about either.

    But WMP’s work is by far MUCH more superior than Admaze’s productions! These guys (WMP) do actually produce high quality videos and are extremely professional and talented, something we are missing a lot in Bahrain!

  13. hashim says:

    Mrs. Rudy,

    I agree with you. I just tried looking up Admaze’s website, and I don’t know if it’s under construction or what, but it seems incomplete, and if I may add, poorly designed.

  14. maria says:

    mabrook mahmood. I have much to comment and say… but again, who will listen on our media scene???????? I have always said it is not what you do, it is how you do it. You, my friend do it the professional way. I assume this was ur new CR addition ?:silly:

  15. Butterfly says:

    Butterfly, I have never come across a creative script done by an employee, leave it to the professionals – and use an original soundtrack.

    I don’t really need your approval, I already wrote many scripts and my employer is happy with it. Since you don’t know what is my job, you better keep your smart advices to yourself 🙂

  16. mahmood says:

    Actually, everyone, there are a lot of production and post production companies who are good. With a little bit of trust from advertisers and customers they can all do better. Competition is present, but not enough to elevate the standards; we find that each is comfortable in their own sphere of competency and influence and they generally remain at stasis until someone or something pushes them to be better.

    To list a few (though will try to remain impartial):

    Hawar Center
    Bahrain House of Photography
    Film Factory
    Film House
    Bahrain Film Production

    Then there are tens of film makers who do produce documentaries, ads, and other video production from home, but those are a separate issue and I won’t concern myself with them for the moment.

    Certainly the ones I listed above are each well known and capable of producing good videos, and all of them either have their own in-house audio production facility, or hire the services of professionals to include in their productions. ALL of the above – as far as I know, and I am reasonably certain – do NOT use copyrighted material. That would be suicide and they are at least professional enough to know the consequences.

    I have only seen one production by Wa’ad, and although – with all due respect and affection for Hamad and crew – they have good potential, they do have a long way to go to be regarded as one of the better production companies in the Gulf.

    I can list a number of companies who surpass them (and every single one that we have so far in Bahrain) just by listing some of the production companies in Saudi, and forget about our standards here when compared to those in Dubai, they would eat and spit us out without even noticing!

    No. As far as I am concern, we have – at best – a mediocre film and video production companies in Bahrain and I do hope that they will do what is necessary to elevate their standard. I know that is not easy given the difficult market we have here.

    Ironically, the audio production scene in Bahrain is much at a much better quality than their video counterparts. We have some excellent sound engineers who are utilized by internationals as a matter of course. That is not the case with video or film

    I am sorry if I sound harsh, but from my knowledgeable experience, this is my assessment.

    Disclosure: some of the companies mentioned are my customers, and all of them now could be regarded as my competition.

  17. mahmood says:

    Yes Maria, it was. And thanks again for your encouragement. Hopefully I will make a difference. I trust my comment above tallies somewhat with your assessment? :cheerful:

  18. maria says:

    right on. The problem again mahmood is that most clients are satified with mediocre. Please try to raise the standard and good luck
    Butterfly: are u the BBB AKN as the beautiful butterfly of Bahrain? If not I apologize for asssuming so.

  19. mahmood says:

    That’s exactly why I limited myself so far into a niche vertical market and as much as I can, I won’t get pushed into film or tv “regular” production. I want to start small so I can pay attention to what we will be doing and grow methodically.

    Let’s see how it goes.

  20. Butterfly says:


    Did I mention anywhere that I am beautiful? It is just Butterfly Bahrain BB 😉

  21. maria says:


    am sure ur soul is beautiful! That’s what counts.

  22. Mahmood,

    Congrats on the new service! Seems like a very logical add on to your company and I am sure you will do very well with it.

    Can you post the video you just did for your fist sale? Or a portion of it? I would enjoy viewing it as I am sure others would as well.

  23. mahmood says:

    We’re not finished with it yet, but it would be up to the customer to decide what to do with their video. If they allow me to, I would rather add a link to it on their site, but we’ll see how it goes.

    Thanks for the encouragement though. I hope I won’t disappoint!

  24. Laurie says:

    Congratulations on your company’s expansion. Can I asume that you’ll have more videos of you working tirelessly in your garden? 🙂

  25. mahmood says:

    Yes, you may assume that Laurie. :wassat:

  26. billT says:

    Looks like your getting another company in your area as the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Halliburton will shift its corporate headquarters from Houston to Dubai.

  27. mahmood says:

    I saw that last night and was pleased for Dubai. Their O&G is quite vibrant. But am surprised a bit as if their market primarily will be Saudi, why didn’t they set up in Bahrain?

    It is ironic that this was announced at Bahrain’s Oil & Gas Show!

  28. Hamad Agoheri says:

    Mahmood Im very happy to hear this news and wish you all the best in the new service . we will be in touch with you for sure if we need the same services any time .

    Best of luck

    Hamad Algoheri

  29. 2cents says:

    mahmood, Halliburton had their Regional Office in Bahrain for 25 years before they moved to Dubai in 1995.
    Also, Saudi is only part of the Middle East, Dubai is more central for Yemen, Oman. Pakistan and India are also included. Just for info

  30. Osama says:

    My congrats Mahmood and all the best! I Agree with Maria as she said it is not what you do, it is how you do it. I am sure you will be an added value to the production industry in Bahrain. I wish one day that Bahrain will be the media production hub for the GCC!!!!

    I would also like to say that in Bahrain we produce and write a lot of music for video production and this where I started from music production and ended to do video production .. I started producing music for video and TV since 1992 and many are used in documentaries and corporate videos. We have a lot of good and talented Bahraini musicians that are producing music for video and TV .. and they are well known.

  31. mahmood says:

    Thank you for your encouragement Osama, you made the first job happen!

  32. LuLu says:

    Super news! Good luck. It makes me really happy to see Bahrainis get into their own ventures and dare to open new/creative businesses here (although I still wonder how your day can fit all this!) 🙂

  33. mahmood says:

    It’s going to be longer, and the nights shorter I’m afraid!

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