MENA Media Managers fellowships announced

12 Mar, '07

18 Arab Media Managers to win a six-week fellowship in the US

irex-logo.gifMarch 2007. Arab media managers and supervisors will have a unique opportunity this fall to enhance their leadership skills and find innovative solutions to the challenges they face in media management through a comprehensive six-week fellowship that will include intense training at the prestigious Northwestern University Media Management Center in the Chicago suburb of Evanston, Illinois and on-site placements at US media outlets across the country.

The fellowship program is organized and implemented by IREX and AmmanNet and is one element of MENA MEDIA, a three-year program aimed at enhancing independent media in the Arab region with support from the US Department of State’s Middle East Partnership Initiative.

Media professionals with at least five years of media experience from Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, West Bank and Gaza will be invited to apply. Up to 18 fellows will be selected this spring with participants traveling to the US in the fall.

As part of its commitment to encouraging the continued advancement of women in the region, in 2007 MEPI added funding for an additional six female participants. The original 12 fellowships will be open to competition by all applicants in the region.

The program will provide participants with the opportunity to develop leadership and management skills while experiencing different approaches to media management. The training will include courses on: Leadership, Strategic Planning, Marketing, Advertising, Electronic Media, Digital and Print Media, and Global Best Practices, among others. After the training, each fellow will complete a two-week fellowship with a mentor at an assigned US media outlet, which will consist of a number of different meetings, responsibilities, and levels of project involvement based on the expertise and goals of the fellow.

Applicants are required to have a high level of proficiency in written and spoken English. Deadline for applications is April 30, 2007.

I’m sure some of our journalists can take advantage of this. For more information, please see the IREX and the websites.

Good luck!

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  1. the reasoning says:

    Please allow me to tell you this. Man, you have turned to be just a commentator. You take out excerpts from papers and comment on it. Every one can do that. That contradicts the header of your site” intellectual”

    I have been visiting your site dozen times on a daily basis looking for something intellectual but without success. I know you are going to come back with a reply like: It is my site and I am free to write whatever I want. My response to you is this: take it as eye- opener. Your site is moving down the maturity stage.

  2. the reasoning says:

    sorry “intelligent” instead of “intellectual”

  3. Thin border says:

    When someone tries to post an article or whatever which could open a good opportunity for his fellow citizens, it means he is beeing part of the educational, intellectual or whatever process. At least he is doing a favor to the majority of people that don’t READ and helping to spread the news to as much as he can.
    Our problem in this part of the world is that we criticize the outer borders and we never see whether we’ll have a positive or negative outcome. We definitely lack good REASONING!!!!

  4. the reasoning says:

    my comment was addressed to Mr. Mahmood Al-yousif. and i DO believe that he can reply back to my comment. our problem in this part of the world is that we have people who do not know if they are meant by one’s comment or not.

    for those people i say: DO NOT defend others stupid!

  5. mahmood says:

    Actually I concur with This Border, and just to make sure, this is addressed to “the reasoning.”

    Every one can do that.

    Don’t let me stop you. Please be my guest.

    again, the above is addressed to “the reasoning.” I am thrilled to bits; however, that you visit my blog a dozen times a day. That does my ego a whole power of good.

    Thank you my friend. Do keep visiting.

    Now, to be absolutely plain, this whole article is meant for the eyes of my media and journalist colleagues whom I hope will benefit from such a program. If others find it beneficial to educate themselves about the program and the organisations behind it, then that would a real added benefit of this announcement.

  6. Thin Border says:

    I definitely wasn’t defending anyone. on the other hand i was criticizing a way of reasoning that I don’t agree with. But sure, you have proven to be one of those who can’t afford such critics.

  7. M says:

    “DO NOT defend others stupid!”

    He’s back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You know, the reasoning, (that’s a joke, right), Mahmood speaks quite well for himself and doesn’t need anyone to explain or defend him; so stop showing your age and lack of intelligence and reasoning ability by coping out with that crap. You post here, and you and your STUPID opinions and comments are subject to comment by anyone anywhere in the world. Grow up, little one. :sleeping:

  8. Sami says:

    That’s a good opportunity for Arab journalists! I was in Chicago and Evanston last December, it’s a wonderful area! make sure to bring your swimming suite.. the lake shore is just 1 minute walk from Northwestern campus 🙂 …

    Mahmood, if I were you I won’t bother with that reasoning guy, simply because it could be anything but reasoning!.

  9. jayjerome says:

    “I was in Chicago and Evanston last December, it’s a wonderful area! make sure to bring your swimming suite..”

    Fur-lined swimming suit. And seal-skin boots too.

  10. Sami says:

    well Jay! in the summer man! don’t get me wrong 😀 … The lake was almost frozen in December 🙂

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