Butterfly on the Lantana

23 Mar, '07

Butterfly on the Lantana - by Hanan Al-Yousif

Butterfly on the Lantana, originally uploaded by Hananio.

This is Hanan’s (my daughter) Friday Photograph contribution.

Butterflies are all over the place at in Bahrain at the moment, I see them at the oddest places, but you will agree that this one is more of a typical location where you might find them.

Hanan captured this at the perfect moment I think and I love the framing too.

Have a wonderful and peaceful Friday my friends!

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  1. Butterfly says:


    Your daughter is a good photographer just like her father 😉

  2. mahmood says:

    Thanks, and it was a pleasure seeing you again last night at Wa’ad!

  3. M says:

    I always look forward to your Friday pictures; this one is very lovely. Hanan does good work. It must be in the genes as Butterfly says.

  4. Stunning Hanan truely stunning!!!! I am jealous of your talents!

  5. Seroo says:

    And we know where she gets her photographic talents from…!

    =) Is Hanan my twin-in-disguise, or is that Amna?

    Happy Friday Mahmood!

  6. Barry says:

    Hanan has a very good eye for the camera, beautiful photo.

    That butterfly is called “Vanessa cardui” – “Painted Lady”, and are found pretty much all around the world. They look like smaller versions of the Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus). I came across a PDF which says you guys also have a species of Danaus, Danaus chrysippus

  7. mahmood says:

    Thanks all, you guys should see her art, if you like Hanan’s photography, you will love her very expressive art.

    Seroo, it’s Amna that I think you look like, though when I showed them your picture they didn’t agree with me! I am convinced that you two look somewhat alike.

  8. docspencer says:

    You guys have a great eye for the camera! Nice photo. If you ever travel to the states in April, and you are not to far from East Tennessee, stay with us! This is my example of what photo opportunities you will see here, and you are better at it than I:


  9. MuslimADay says:

    great picture!

  10. Seroo says:

    well, I agree with the girls (in pictures, we probably look NOTHING alike!) but probably in spirit and enthusiasm… probably even in gorgeous-ness too… =)
    I’d definitely like to see her art, put up a link or some pictures!!

  11. mahmood says:

    Seroo you could be right on both counts!

    Here’s a link to Hanan’s art site: http://blanched-moo.deviantart.com/

  12. Amjad says:

    Great shot, mashallah. I really liked it.

    How old is your daughter? So she is a great photographer just like her dad :biggrin:

    I’m definitely checking her art site.

  13. Witty says:


    I used to read your blog sometime back, but I’ve lost the link after formating my laptop and not backing up my bookmarks. Now that am back, I love your daughter’s pic, not only because I love butterflies but mainly because it’s a very good picture 🙂

  14. I am very jealous of the quality of your photos and now even your daughter is taking better photos than me.

  15. billT says:

    It is a beautiful picture and the contrast between the delicate butterfly and the strong Lantana makes it even better.

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