Bloggers’ gathering moved to the 12th

2 Apr, '07

The 27th Bloggers’ Gathering has been moved to the 12th, by popular demand. Now make sure that you do attend!

We still need a volunteer to talk about the blogs discovered since the last meeting. We need to decide on what the theme of the discussion should be, and it would be good if we can start thinking of what the next meeting should be about too while we’re at it.

Do you guys want to talk techniques? How to embed a picture or a video to your blog etc? That is, do you want the theme to be technical, a “how to” or “serious” stuff like ethics and bloggers’ society?

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  1. lebinbah says:

    Ethics and the blogger society are nice topics to talk about embedding videos and audios can be googled for those people who are interested. Where is the meeting held though?

  2. amal says:

    how about some “how to” and some “serious” stuff? ..a little bit of each?

  3. mahmood says:

    That might make the presentations etc too long.

    How about we continue to discuss the proposed bloggers’ society and move our position along?

  4. lebinbah says:

    I hope this wasn’t mentioned anywhere else or something, but what time is the meeting going to be and where is it held? Is it open to none Bahraini bloggers in Bahrain to attend?

  5. mahmood says:

    It will be held on the 12th at 7pm in Al-Bareh Cafe in Adliya. You’re more than welcome to attend. The reason that it’s called the “Bahrain Bloggers’ Gathering” and not the “Bahraini” is deliberate to indicate that any blogger who is in Bahrain or blogging about Bahrain is welcome to join us.

  6. lebinbah says:

    Thank you for your kind words, i will be sure to attend if i am not hammered with work!! until then have a lovely evening.

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