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16 Apr, '07

Temple of the Moron

Suicide attack joke lands man in prison

Bahrain, like all countries around the world, is on high alert to make sure that terrorists do not sneak into the Kingdom.

Therefore it was understandable, when a passenger, who had arrived at Bahrain airport, approached the immigration official and informed him that his friend, who had arrived with him, had informed him that he was planning a suicide attack in the country.

The immigration official immediately went into action and called the police who took the man inside for interrogation. During questioning the man told the police that he was just joking and that he was having fun with the immigration official.

The police were not amused. The man was arrested and taken to the Public Prosecutor who ordered his detention for seven days until a case is filed against him as soon as possible at the Higher Criminal Court.
Bahrain Tribune :: 16 April, 2007

As a friend commented earlier, airport officials are trained to leave their sense of humour at home. They can’t take chances. So if they get a moron like this one “playing a trick”, well, they play theirs too!

I hope this moron enjoys prison food.

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  1. F says:

    I’m sure this person will find his present ordeal an experience
    that he’ll never repeat again!

  2. Ansgar says:

    Great fun to fill in documents to enter USA by plane… “have you ever been member of the following national-socialist party organisation…” etc.
    I think those and similar questions are ridiculous. Suicide bombers (etc.) are too intelligent to get trapped by this.

  3. Butterfly says:

    Expensive joke :biggrin:

  4. can we talk says:

    a Bahraini was travelling to the U.S. long before 911 and he looked high as a kite though he was just being his idiot self. anyway, when they asked him what was in the backpack, he said: a bomb?? and laughed. well, US airport security had a field day with him.
    needless to say, he did not arrive at his final destination until one week later.

  5. Bahraini and PROUD says:

    To be honest what kind of idiots would actually try these kind of jokes?????

    he deserves what happend to him…

  6. Costa-Guy says:

    anyway, when they asked him what was in the backpack, he said: a bomb?? and laughed

    I was this close to say it one of the times because me having a very bad day!

    Well, people should know better, these guys leave their humor at home. It’s always serious when you are questioning the security of people and the nation!

  7. can we talk says:

    a V.V.I.P. (with two vees) once told me that one should always act very subserviently and obediently with these guys and just agree with everything they say, with thank yous and pleases. which i think is good advice.

    his companion, on the other hand, a man who was only a V.I.P. (with one vee) was offended by their questions and asked them “do you know who i am??!”. well the idiot was made to walk barefoot to a room where he was stripsearched.

  8. BukraTshuf says:

    It would seem that the DPP’s action was rather both capricious and arbitrary in this instance.

    This news struck me really badly as it had sharp contrast with the news about the German man who was arrested when driving at the speed of 150 kph (exceeding the limit by 50 kph) but was let go only because he was who he was. Now the law prescribed a penalty for the traffic violation by that man in that instance, and, my guess is that, no two persons would have difficulty agreeing that this was the case.

    In this instance, I was curious as to what authority the police had to arrest and the DPP had to detain the inappropriately humoured person for seven days.

    Now, without such powers being clearly inscribed in the law, the police’s and DPP’s acts can be said to be capricious and/or arbitrary. The cause for arresting and detaining any person is essential for a decision to do so, of course. And the question is that what is the offence/cause of arrest/detention in this instance?

    Can it be that he can be said to have insulted an official while the latter was on duty? Can it be said, even remotely, that can be said to have reported an incident or disaster to have taken place, knowing full well that his report was false indeed?

    Well, if these possible descriptions of his deeds were to be too severe, then let’s all agree, even for the sake of argument, that he misbehaved; such that even arbitrarily and capriciously he could be punished by assessing a fine of a certain monetary sum of say BD 20 against him, as would be the case for a traffic violation.

    Now to fine him such a moderate amount of money is one thing and to so treat him as he has been, rightly or capriciously, is a different thing.

    As you could guess, I looked up the Penal Code and the Law of Penal Proceedings. I found neither the proscription nor the authority myself. Can someone please confirm or rebut these two quick conclusions?

    Mahmood, would you like to check with the DPP to find out from them directly what THEY have to say in this matter?

  9. mahmood says:

    I don’t have to. Logically, if the immigration official acted in any other way and it appeared in retrospect that the guy did indeed carry a bomb with which he killed and maimed countless others, then not only society will never forgive that official, but he will not forgive himself either.

    He erred on the side of caution and I feel that is exactly how he should have acted.

    Comparing the application of the law in this case with that of speeding is facetious.

  10. can we talk says:

    I agree. and as a passenger, i would not want to be on a plane with someone who had made a statement of this kind, especially one who had put himself in this dubious position. flying is unnerving enough for many people today without adding this to the mix. imagine waiting in line to get onto the plane with this idiot?! how confident would you feel?

    i’m afraid BD20 doesn’t cut it, nor a multiple of that because it would set a precedent and open the door for irresponsible people to play the same “trick”on others at very little cost. it has to be shown that security is a matter that is not taken lightly nor is it a “joking” matter. i wouldn’t blame the airline if it said it didn’t want to carry him on their future flights either. what he did was just plain stupid.

    speeding might be breaking the law, but there is no parallel here. it’s apples and watermelons i’m afraid.

  11. That’s just extremely dumb :pinch:
    Last summer I was in Los Angeles, there are signs all over LAX airport warning passengers about lighters and NOT making jokes about bombs and terrorist attacks. I think we need something like that.

  12. Laurie says:

    Wow. Really, really dumb thing to do. Maybe his next joke will have a punchline that includes “….and then I spent a week in jail!”

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