Wishing Al-No’aimi a speedy recovery

17 Apr, '07

Al-Noaimi support

تقوم بالسلامة و العافية يا بو أمل

The Godfather of the National Democratic movement in Bahrain is in critical – but stable – condition in Morocco where he traveled earlier to attend a political conference. While there, he had an acute pancreatic failure which necessitated his admission to a local hospital. Since being admitted, his condition was raised to critical and has been on semi-life support. A team of Bahraini doctors and specialists traveled to Rabat to be with him and offer their support and opinion to the Moroccan medical team, one of those doctors is his daughter Salwa.

As of last night, rumours circulated the island that Mr. Al-No’ami was declared brain-dead. This was strongly refuted by his political society, Wa’ad, which stated that he still responded to stimuli and that his condition is stable. They are now considering whether to move him for further medical attention either back to Bahrain or Paris.

I wish Mr. Al-No’aimi a speedy recovery; Bahrain desperately needs this giant and others like him to continue and lead our struggle for freedoms and the defence of our rights.

We are all with you Abdulrahman, may you live long and prosper.

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  1. Munther says:

    Wishin our great leader a swift recovery ! :unsure: Although I’ve known him for a very short time, my love is indescribable for the man ! bu amal is a beacon to all who are seeking a none sectarian democratic Bahrain !

  2. الله يشافيه

  3. F says:

    Inshallah, he will recover soon!

  4. Hani says:

    I beleive most of us, the Bahrainis, are hoping that he recovers quickly, and continue his journey, which we all support.
    we still need him. Such a symbol is our treasury.

  5. Allah yashfeeh oo egawmah besalama insaAllah. :angel: :heart: Wishing Abu Amal a speedy recovery.

  6. captain Arab says:

    My thoughts and prayers are for a full and speedy recovery of Bu-Khalid. May Allah do what’s best and grant us all the patience, and bless Bu-Khalid with a speedy recovery and good health enshAllah.

  7. Costa-Guy says:

    ندعو الله أن يمن على حبيبنا وعزيزنا وأحد أعلام ورموز نضال وطننا الحبيب البحرين، الدكتور عبدالرحمن النعيمي
    بالصحة والعافية… الله يقومه بالسلامة ودعواتنا للشيخ بالعودة للوطن سالم إن شاء الله

    وياليت اللي يعرف أي شي عن صحة (الشيخ) الدكتور النعيمي يطمننا عليه

  8. mr says:

    Abu Amal is said to be still in a coma for the last few days, sadly. Plans are underway to transport him to a hospital with better care facilities, possibly to the specialist hospital in Riyadh. Official permission was secured but that of the medical dept there is still pending. The huge ambulatory cost of airlifting Abu Amal from Morocco will be borne solely by his comrades at Waad. May he return to them and to us healthy and sound.

    P.S. A word to our friends at Waad, please update the society’s page/blog daily with the latest on the health of this national figure. Today’s papers carried none.

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