I smell fish! Bandar revisited?

23 Apr, '07

shot Salah Al-Bandar!

What’s the worst way to show that you’re guilty?

You would go on a mother of an offensive with no leg to stand on and attack the person rather than the allegation.

Hence, when a couple of people brought a “new” site to my attention and I visited, I was left gasping for breath and thinking something along the lines or how, ehm, “lacking in judgment” can you get?

Enter The Secrets & Reports of Salah Al-Bandar.

Fetching title isn’t it?

But wait! We’re hardly there yet! Pray what does such a grandiosely named site offer?

    1. Personality hack-job of the protagonist, in several flavours
    2. “Secret” reports which must only be privy to those deep inside some security or governmental organisation
    3. Complete dissection and contents – with explanation – of Salah Al-Bandar’s personal computer!
    4. Hand-written notes, sketches, brainstorms and mindmaps by Salah Al-Bandar
    5. Allegations and documents supporting his belonging or heading an intelligence organisation
    6. Intelligence review of Salah Al-Bandar’s CV and life, even offered in English translation!
    7. Bank account details with a purported promissory note of US$200 million (yes, million!) in the United Bank of Switzerland
    8. Archive of local press coverage of the case


You bet your bottom dollar that there are many questions; those will wait, what I want to know is as these categorised documents are all in the possession of the investigating and security authorities in Bahrain, how did they find their way to the internet with such detail?

Is this what is called “an official leak?”

Bloody hell, this is not a leak, it’s a FLOOD!

Do you smell something fishy too?

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  1. s.p. says:

    “عزيزي المواطن” … man, hell yeah I smell something crappy!!

  2. Costa-Guy says:

    Counter attack stratedgy.. Oldest trick in the book.. I was expecting that a lot sooner.. I figured out they’re going to publish another counter “report” also but I never thought they would do it the same style AlBander did.

    The Stratedgy: Leak the information to the public so they can swallow the shock gradually and then publish it in the newspapers.

    Are you going to tell me that the Prime Minister’s Court is also leaking information even after a very big nation-wide scandal about leaking information???

    People, media, opposition won’t buy that. If they are really honest, they would confront the public and get ready to face questions.

    I don’t need a counter report to tell me whether this report is true or not! Go to the street and see how this report is a real fact.

    Do I need an “unknown source” or a “government statement” to tell me that there is no “ discrimination“, no “unfair representation of votes“, no “restriction on freedom of speech” when you carry same concepts of an opposition in Bahrain?

    Is this a joke because i’m not laughing :angry:

  3. No Matter says:

    باستثناء قصاصات الصحف وبعض المعلومات التي تم نشرها سابقا وتداولتها بعض المواقع على الانترنت فأن المعلومات التي يوفرها هذه الموقع مثيرة وجديدة وفيها من الخصوصية والسرية ما لم يمكن لانسان عادي ان يعثر عليها بطريق الصدفة. أتفق معك محمود ان من قام بتسريب هذه المعلومات يريد ايصال رسالة ما وخلق نوع من التشويش بالنسبة للمتضامنين مع البندر. في رأيي الخاص هو نشر غسيل لمحاربة الطرف الآخر وليس لدي ادنى شك بان من كلف نفسه عناء جمع هذه المعلومات ونشرها اراد ان يضرب صلاح البندر.

    المستندات البنكية المنشورة تبدو حقيقية و صاحب الموقع طرح تساؤل منطقي: كيف يدعي صلاح البندر انه لا يملك سوى مائة دينار في حسابه في حين يحصل على راتب قدره ستة الآف دينار!! لعبة ولعبها الطرفان والضحية الاولى والاخيرة هم الشعب. صلاح البندر ليس الا ذئب يحاول التنكر في هيئة حمل وديع بعد ان نضب البئر من المياه

  4. Bahrainiac says:

    I love the use of grammar in the English translations. Whoever wrote that stuff are not well versed in technical CV writing or PowerPoint Presentations. “Piss Poor” writing.

    As Foghorn Leghorn would say “I say boy, where’d ya learn to spell like that, where’d ya learn to spell that way, boy?!”

  5. NewMe says:

    Amateurs!!! makes me :sick:

  6. WALLA bazoooooooooooooo3!

  7. Just me says:

    What better way to glorify someone than by showing the world that you are infinitely worse than them by publicly stooping lower than their level.

    Bandar you obviously hit a raw nerve. This is about as fair and impartial investigation we will get on Bandargate…as the baharna say…mishooo boozkum….

    Investigation i hear you say? The law in the great land of Bahrain that SHOULD ‘protect citizens’ is there to protect criminals and their interests….lets not have a short memory:

    Law 56 was ingeniously devised and decreed especially for the protection of murderers and torturers. In fact, a person like Flaifil gets promoted.

    Ahmed Atyatallah gets the green light to continue his ‘productive’ activities in engineering sectarian strife, in fact his 2 million budget is renewed for as long as it takes to fully implement his plan.

    On the other hand, it’s people like you Mahmood, and others who get put under the hammer and accused of carrying out crimes against national interest or whatever.

    However one positive note, I now know what I knew not before. Big Brother is smarter than I thought; the secret services have such advanced capabilities that they can gather unsurpassed intelligence on such important things as how many times a day you pray, how often you make love to your wife, and how frequently u take a shit.

  8. Hehehe, he may be the devil :devil: , but that doesn’t change what is in his report or how much of it rang true with the people!

  9. أبو الكلام says:

    إذا كان الرجل هو من الدناءة فعلا بالمكان الذي يحاول الموقع أن يصفه به، فإن السؤال الذي صرح نفسه هو: ماذا كانت دوافع توظيفه لد الجهاز لأي مدة وذلك بغض النظر عن ما إذا كانت الحكومة هي المالك الحقيقي للموقع المجهول المالك. وما هو سر طرده من وظيفته لدى الجهاز؟If the man’s character is really as low as the attempt to portray him in the referred to webpage, then the question is what was the motive of hiring him for any interval at the CIO; and, why was he dismissed , let alone whether the GOB is the beneficial owner of the site?

  10. thanks mahmood says:

    I totally agree with you mahmood that there is something fishy. attiyatualla has a hidden agenda that of course. one thing maybe be unclear, how can a british citizen (sudanees origin) have all that detailed info about bahrain and keep talking about bahrain in international conferences? he is flying everywhere to talk about sudan, egept, south africa and many other countries including bahrain!! who is paying his expenses? is he part of british intellegence? why he focuses on attiyatualla and his network? is it because attiyatuallah had some conflicts with british gov? is it really because he wanted to show the truth? i dont think so.
    since the big brother (british and US) knows our weak areas, i guess they use that when they are not in agreement with someone. to conclude i think we should not get fooled by any party. we have to be more clever and read the hidden messages. what do you think mahmood?

  11. can we talk says:

    is it really because he wanted to show the truth? i dont think so.

    you may very well be right. but… does it matter???

  12. thanks mahmood says:

    it does matter from one angle. if he is part of a bigger plan as of the available evedinces (althogh we should not depend on the ones leaked by the gov, but looking into his other contributions in sudan and elsewhere) this may lead to a bigger question? what is true in his report and what is fabriced? how big is the secret network? is it really of the same size and danger as bander says or is it much smaller?

    why i am raising these questions, because i dont want any part to lead me to where they want. we have to seak for the absulute truth regardless of the source. if the secret network was really that big why nobody from that network ever assured the story. all of them denying although there are drivers and normal programmers. i think the network is much smaller but we have to know what exactly there scope of work and who is part of it.

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