Incentives are better than punishments

24 Apr, '07

You can beat the bejeezus out of people but that won’t guarantee that your message will actually get through.

On the other hand, if you talk nicely to people and offer them an incentive to do better or correct their ways, there is a very high chance that they will not only listen, but also fall over themselves to please you in the process.

Therefore, I am full of praise to our Ministry of Interior for thinking in a such creative way to and break with the age-old tradition of the stick:

Prisoners who behave themselves may be allowed time out with their families in specially-built villas.People sentenced to three months or less in prison may also be ordered to do community service as an alternative to actually going to jail, under pioneering plans.

The Interior Ministry plans to build four villas next to Jaw Prison, as part of its “Family Day” project, to allow prisoners of good conduct to be closer to their families.
GDN :: 24 April 2007

Now whoever thought of this creative process which will go a long way toward real correction of antisocial behaviour should be immediately commissioned to think of ways to re-integrate rioting youth back into constructive pursuits within the community, rather than this weekly occurrence of riots, stone-, Molotov-cocktail-throwing, road blocking, rubbish bucket-burning shenanigans that only result in throwing teens in prisons.

I suspect that he will probably conclude that the country needs to reform the education, labour, economic and political systems.

Oh hang on a minute, we already have that creative guy on board, he just needs to accelerate the process and communicate his vision a bit better and put those plans into effect.

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  1. Sara says:

    Community service is a great idea for first time teenage offenders involved in these weekly riots. Teach them the value of actively participating and contributing to your community. This will also give those kids a second chance before being tarnished with a prison record which they will spend a life time suffering for.

  2. Aliandra says:

    I’m not clear on why they were rioting … but is it for lack of work? Wondering if there are any volunteer organizations to keep young people busy like teaching the illiterate to read, cleaning up parks, etc …

  3. Maverick says:

    Children need motivation, incentive, guidance and education from all directions; parents, clerics, teachers, peers etc.

    Bahrain has much opportunity for children to develop them selves in art, community service, social skills like cleaning the country up, learning home arts like decoration, carpentry, painting, cooking, repair of mechanical and electrical and masonry types.

    It is easy to blame the government. The government is not made up of perfect people. But their directives are focused when they asked clerics and scholars to guide children in the right direction.

    Instead of teaching them religious dogma and revloution, organise computer camps, teach them foreign languages, teach them social skills, public speaking skills to become better orators and leaders. Teach them to serve the community through maathams. Learn community cooking, washing, cleaning, care for elderly, artistic crafts etc. 🙂

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