Happy 4th birthday Mahmood’s Den!

26 Apr, '07

Happy birthday Mahmood's Den!

Happy birthday Mahmood’s Den!, originally uploaded by malyousif.

The small adenium (desert rose) flowered, and I am really happy with it. It took this plant a year to get itself together, but what a fantastic show it is now.

This photograph is my present to all of you guys who made Mahmood’s Den the place it is now. I wish you all a very happy and fulfilling life, and thank you all once again my friends for enriching my life by knowing you.

Happy 4th birthday Mahmood’s Den!

The first entry in “the new era” of Mahmood’s Den was on the Xaraya platform on 23 April 2003

update 1: If you want to dig deeper and follow the progress and evolution of Mahmood’s Den, you might want to have a look at the Wayback Machine, the first it records my site is in September 2001 which shows the entries going back to 4 July 2001!

Like everyone else I think, I didn’t have my own domain when I first started. I had a site on Geocities I think, and called the site then “Kick the Dog”! You can see that I resurrected that name briefly in 2002 but reverted back to Mahmood’s Den soon thereafter.

The old-timers will remember the time even before 2001, 1986 to be exact! That’s when I ran a BBS called “Stray Cats BBS” and it was one of the first in the area, but that’s a whole different story!

Ah, memories!!

Happy birthday again.

update 2: oh man, the vault opens! I looked around the internet for mentions of my old BBS and this is what I have found so far:

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  1. Wow, that’s really a great day! Four years are a long time in blogging…

    Happy Birthday, Mahmood’s Den!

  2. Munther says:

    Happy birthday ! You’ve been an inspiration for us all ! Thank you for the 4 solid year and hope that the blog keeps thriving for many more

  3. milter says:

    Happy birthday and a big “thank you” from me for making it possible to stay in contact with the thoughts of people in Bahrain.

  4. M says:

    What a beautiful flower; I really enjoy this part of the den as much as everything else because I get to learn about plants and flowers that I would never be exposed to otherwise.

    Congratuations on the Den’s birthday; and they said it wouldn’t last. :biggrin:

  5. Happy Birthday from a newcomer! I’ve enjoyed your posts and have learned a bit about Bahraini politics since logging on to your site.
    Also, what is the transliteration of the arabic term for Desert Rose? I am desperate to find one in Cairo and don’t know the proper Arabic term. I had one in Abu Dhabi and you’ve peaked my interest in it again. I’d be eternally grateful.

  6. Pamela says:

    Happy Birthday Mahmoods Den.

    Mahmmod, I’m moving to Finland in August. I will need your bright beautiful garden photos when winter gets grey and dreary in Lapland.

  7. Vincent says:

    Happy Birthday, Mahmood’s!

  8. Ali says:

    Good ol’ days.. It’s now almost midnight, and it was my favorite time to ‘surf’ the Stray Cat BBS!
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all what you did. You certainly enriched my life, and many other Bahrainis as well, by sharing your knowledge with us. Thanks again and many happy returns!

  9. Bernie says:

    Four years…wow, that’s dedication. 😉

  10. Barry says:

    Feliz Cumpleaños al Den de Mahmood! Ojalá que tengas muchos años de diversión y emoción.

    That’s my very academic Spanish, stilted version of:

    Happy Birthday to Mahmood’s Den. I hope that you have many years of fun and excitement

    (Spanish speakers will tell that I am no native speaker :biggrin: )

    Linguistic note: Ojalá is said to come from “Wa sha Allah” or “In sha Allah”. and means “I wish” or “If god wills it”. The j in Spanish used to be pronounced as the “sh” sound.

    I am still jealous over your desert rose. It’s so beautiful.

  11. Esra'a says:

    Only 4 years?! It seems much longer, considering all the achievements mashalla! Mabrook Mahmood and may your blog live FOREVER! And if not… iwantmyMTV is registered for at least another year 😉

  12. docspencer says:

    Mahmood, what an incredibly beautiful flower!!

    Happy birthday MD!


  13. billT says:

    I met Mahmood years ago because he had the courtesy to answer a newby question for me reguarding postnuke. His kindness lead me to a whole new world. Happy birthday Mahmoods Den.

  14. Robert says:

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!

    Alles gute für die Zukunft :w00t:

  15. Happy Birthday to The Den! :heart:

  16. Happy birthday and many happy returns! Cheers mate 🙂

  17. mahmood says:

    Thanks my friends!

  18. Amjad says:

    Happy birthday Mahmood’s Den

  19. layal says:

    Mahmood’s Den
    wish u all the best
    keep raining us with the all news 😎

  20. Ralf says:

    Happy day !

    keep on blogging !

    Best wishes from Portugal !

  21. tooners says:

    what a beautiful pic…. such lovely flowers.

    great to know that you’ve been going strong for 4 yrs now…. here’s to dozens and dozens more!

  22. Iris says:

    Happy Birthday mahmood’s Den!!!
    Hopefully there at least as many more to come!

  23. expat in Saudi says:

    Happy Birthday and well done! You have contributed in great measure to my understanding of and interest in what goes on in this part of the world. Thank you.

  24. LuLu says:

    Happy birthday :sideways: :silly:

    This goes without saying, but you really did contribute to creating an informal political discourse in Bahrain– AND you inspired/emboldened many Bahraini bloggers to get to speak out and put our thoughts out there– for better or worse (me included :ninja: )

    So, Thank you.

    (man I hope I have the patience and dedication to continue this long@!)

  25. Redbelt says:

    Congrats! Many more to come.

  26. iDip says:

    Happy B-day Den 😉

    best of luck Mahmoud 🙂

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