16 May, '07

Could it be that Al-Wefaq has taken everyone for a ride with this Attiyatallah parliamentary probe?

  • They tabled the probe motion very late in the first session and even by optimistic timeframe, they would have only had one day, May 30th to question the minister
  • They knew that they would be opposed heavily and must have known that they would not get a majority to allow them to question him
  • They walked out “in disgust” at their opposition finding alleged constitutional fault with their motion to question, even though the office of the chairman and his legal consultant have not as they not only tabled the motion in the parliamentary agenda, but also voted for it
  • Yesterday the parliament voted again on the motion and it did not get a majority yet again. Interestingly, this debacle saw two stooges changing their track from acceptance (of the motion) in the steering committee, to abstention through to utter opposition, clearly showing their flip-flopping ability based on the strength of pull of their strings. Even Filbert is more independent in his thinking than these so called representatives of the people!

Bandarite Ahmed Attiyatallah

The result according to Parliamentary Bylaws is that the motion to question the minister automatically gets deferred to the next parliamentary session starting in October.

Is this what Al-Wefaq was banking on all along? If they have, they have short-circuited their opposition as they have gained a lot more than they lost so far!

  • They have demonstrated to their supporters that they have stuck to their election campaign promises in investigating Bandargate
  • They have demonstrated that they will go after any corrupt official even if that official is a member of the Royal Family, as fringe as they may be, but “royal” nevertheless
  • They have “outed” Asala and Minbar, but good
  • They have gained a whole 7 months to pursue this investigation at the immediate start of the next term, so even if the “loyalists” demand that the probe be done first in the Legislative Committee, in which Al-Wefaq has a majority anyway, they will have ample time to play the game and drive the boat to their own shore.

So if this is the way that they have thunk it and they pull it off, they are a lot more of crafty buggers than we didn’t want to give them credit for!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s a conspiracy!

    I like it.

  2. LuLu says:

    Well, I don’t really buy this.. Al Wefaq didn’t gain anything. In fact, it looks even less creadible than before the attempted questioning, and from its supporters seem more disillusioned than ever. No one is forgetting their initial promise to “kick out” Ateyatallah on the FIRST WEEK! (far fetched, but they promised it anyway)

    Al Wefaq also fell prey to the idea of “voting” on the questioning, which has no basis whatsoever in the constitution and has never been done before in Bahrain.
    Constitutionally, you need only 5 signatories on the questioning draft and you vote ONLY on impeachment at the end of questioning. Given this “new” practice, even in the next parliament they will have to get at least 27 votes (as opposed to the constitutional 5) to even question Ateyatallah in the next session. Unfortunately, Al Wefaq is stuck in a parliament where they will get absolutely no majority to make any change and they know it.

  3. bahraini4eva says:

    I never really had much hope for Al Wefaq with this questioning debacle since I, like you, know that the majority of parliamentarians are gov’t ass kissers, but seeing them in action now has shown me and the Bahrainis that Al Wefaq will fight for their rights and the rights of the people to bring these corrupt officials (and by that I mean our gov’t of course) to justice with whatever means possible. Obviously the gov’t is only playing games denying the entire report just like with Fasht Al-Jarem as Big Daddy has all his bitches on a leash telling them what to do and say. This is indeed a very interesting time in the history of this Island, and what transpires in the next few months will indicate whether this democracy brought by His Majesty will actually prove to be worthwhile. Let the games begin!

  4. Bahrania says:

    Well…alwefaq can play the parliamentary game all the way it likes. Lets be realistic, what is going to come out of this in the end?
    Scenario 1: motion for questioning doesn’t pass
    Scenario 2: motion for questioning passes, vote for impeachment rejected
    Scenario 3: Ministerial change, atyatallah does a Flaifil

    whatever happens…the result is pre-determind, atyatallah is an untouchable.

    Lulu’s point above sets a dangerous precedent also in the parliamentary ‘culture’ where the house’s terms of reference are being self-oppressive and internalising restrictive practises that complicate the process even further.

  5. The Joker says:

    At the rate things are going, I suspect we’ll have much bigger things to worry about next october than Ayatolla.

    Besides, whats there to investigate? The cheques are stamped, sealed, and collected. Moreover, the guy admitted issuing them. Whats so hard to get that you need a 5 month break?

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