emoodz does podcasts!

18 May, '07

go to emoodz.com to listen to his inaugural podcast

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  1. um naief says:

    a blogging television station or radio station would be fun. do you think something like that would be allowed?

  2. Esra'a says:

    Aywa Mohammed! Great to see Bahraini podcasters on the block. I’ve seen quite a few from Kuwait and hardly any from Bahrain.. so this is great news. Podcasts are the new generation of blogs. In one year trust me, we’re going to have dozens and dozens in the island. 😀

    I vote for the Joker and Amira to start next!

  3. Amjad says:

    This is very great.

  4. M says:

    Think back a few years ago when you were a lonely voice in the wind, and now there are many who join with your voice even if they don’t agree with your POV. You are a good man, Mahmood. 😉

  5. Good job bro,
    i was struggling to get the video running smoothly with my “broadband” connection, and i came across this: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20070517-house-dems-broadband-isnt-broadband-unless-its-2-mbps.html

  6. Proud Bahraini says:

    Cool now we can listen to him, talk about Bahrain’s situation and what is going on every week which is cool because honestly I’m sick of listening to TV and radio and most of make no sense to me.

    Well I’m very happy with the podcast and hope he post more and more stuff every week.

  7. Cindy says:

    Did you see this sight? It is called BlogTalkRadio. Some of the bloggers I read on a regular basis have weekly radio shows and listeners are invited to call in and join the converstion.

    Congrats to emoodz on his first podcast.

    By the way, the time and attention you are spending with Filbert is something he is learning to enjoy and expect as routine. Birds get very upset when you break the routine. My birds are used to being out of their cage all day so when they are left in the cage because we went away for the day they just go NUTS and the male starts plucking the female.

  8. moodz says:

    I don’t know what to say Mahmood, thank you! First for your publicity stunt and sharing the traffic, then for your words of encouragement!

    We’ve missed you on vlogs and “talking heads” clips you had up here every once in a while! So spare us the empty shots of filbert and his happy family every once in a while and dome some recording!

    How about we start in the next bloggers meetup? :whistle:

  9. mahmood says:

    I don’t accept any text-based responses from you any more, especially with your sexy voice! :tongue:

  10. H. says:

    I did my first just now.

    Its just too much hassle for first-timers I must say (not to scare you away). But, really, for those who would like to start with it, don’t be put off by the difficulties you might face.

    I tried my first cut with a written script. Big mistake I tell you 😀
    I sounded like radio Sawa reporters 😀

    Too much of a failure it was, but I just had to go through much trouble bringing it about, so you all have to suffer to compensate me :p

  11. mahmood says:

    Excellent Mr. H.! Well done mate. The more the better, and as you said, don’t let the technicalities put you down, once you know the system then it just becomes second nature.

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