25 May, '07


Frog, originally uploaded by malyousif.

This is one of two frogs of the five tadpoles my daughter Amna commandeered from a garden centre a few weeks ago. It has become (I think) an adult as it lost its tail and is hopping about above the pond plants and doing well.

I am really glad that at least one more survived and developed to keep this guy company, maybe they’ll make more babies and we’ll have a real wildlife zoo in our garden before too long!

Have a wonderful Friday my friends.

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  1. Barry says:

    Not only a zoo, but an incredibly loud cacophony once the males begin “singing” to attract mates!

    I like it’s little yellow stripe down its head.

  2. M says:

    Cute little guy. Have a wonderful Friday everyone.

  3. That’s cool Mahmood.. When are the terrapins coming? They are hardy creatures and can survive our weather. Better still, they don’t make NOISE!!

  4. mahmood says:

    Unfortunately SBG we had one, but it expired a week or so after we got it. No idea what happened. Will keep that in consideration though as it was fun playing hide and seek with it in the garden!

  5. Laurie says:

    One of the first signs of spring in this area is the sound of peepers (very small frogs) almost as soon as the ice leaves the ponds.

  6. Ingrid says:

    as usual, great pic Mahmoud. You’ll end up having a true ‘wildlife’ garden. It starts with one species, then the next and then the next..
    little guy knows how to pose too! πŸ˜€


  7. mahmood says:

    Thanks all, all of us at home enjoy this menagerie, but I am not too sure about adding even a few more to it at the moment πŸ™‚

  8. Nav says:

    At least you’ll get less bugs relaxing in the garden πŸ˜‰ .

  9. mahmood says:

    Oh I hope you’re right! That would certainly make a pleasurable experience.

  10. um naief says:

    You don’t see many frogs here in Bahrain… or maybe there’s more than I realize.

    Good to see that he’s thriving in your garden. I used to catch tadpoles when I was a wee little girl, and used to get creeped out by the ones w/ legs and such. 😯

    Are there preying mantices here?

  11. Maverick says:

    πŸ™‚ 😎
    Great job!
    Bless Amna’s cotton sock and her compassionate heart.
    She has a soul of a angel. I hope Kermit and his progeny and ralative survive well.
    Thanks 😎 for beautifying Bahrain

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