Assad we love you!

28 May, '07

fervent support for el presendente Assad

Alright, if the first referendum to change the constitution of an independent country to allow the son of a life-long president to be “elected” to succeed his father was 97.29%, what do you think the result in this second “public referendum” is going to be to be graced by his presence for another 7 years?

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  1. exclamation mark says:

    May be 98% .. 🙄

    At least they get to vote for their leaders, unlike us ………………………………………..

  2. Maverick says:

    Who said they vote for their leaders. The cronies just say yes

  3. captain Arab says:

    Remember when Saddam Hussain did a public referendum and won 99.9% If this guy does not hit the high 90’s I will be disappointed. A nation living in fear… sad but true…

  4. They did this in Azerbaijan too and Aliyev’s son won an overwhelming majority, despite the fact that there were claims of voter fraud, corrupt practices, protests where people were beaten, oh and btw, the USA turned a blind eye. We only go after countries like Syria when it’s convenient for us and we have nothing to lose (like oil.) Of course he’s going to come out on top.

  5. Wadeea says:

    I think it will be 99.5%. The rest of the 0.5% unfortunately did not receive the program upgrade and are still stuck voting for his dad Hafeez.

  6. I still don’t get it: Why do dictators always win with 90+ %? Maybe they all have inferiority complexes, but that doesn’t make any reason… Nobody believes that anybody voted for them, if they see 99,9 % for Assad or xyz… Why do they so?

  7. Ali says:

    captain Arab said:

    Remember when Saddam Hussain did a public referendum and won 99.9%

    Correction: Saddam won 100% in his last referendum!

    Just imagine how much of ink would be saved if they omit the ‘NO’ box from the ballot. It will not be used anyway, and if anyone dares to use it, he should use his own pen!

    One Syrian believed in what the state’s TV say about democracy so he decided to exercise his rights and ticked ‘NO’ on the ballot paper. He went home and told his wife how he proud of his action. The wife told him that he made a grave mistake and the secret police would soon come to them. She advised him to return to the polling station and vote again!. The man went back to the station and told the people in charge that he made a ‘mistake’ by selecting ‘NO’ and he would like to correct his mistake. The manager replied: Don’t worry about a thing. We ‘knew’ you made a mistake and so we’ve corrected it for you the moment you left the station!

  8. Abu Arron says:

    Now, that’s what I call proactive customer service. 🙄

  9. 98.5% says:

    I remember when we voted for the new charter here, I made a mistake on the ballot and voted no by mistake because I was a natrualised Bahrani and didn’t read Arabic very well.

    After realising my mistake I went back to the polling station in my barracks and explained my dilema to the polling officer. He smiled at me and told me not to worry because they had found my ballot and realising that it must have been a mistake they had already corrected it. . . . . 😉

  10. 98.5% says:

    OOps Mea culpa

    Apologies to ALI – I didn’t read the all the posts before posting my small contribution, that will teach me. Next time I promise to read them all.

  11. Ecostar says:

    98.5%, no need for u to make up stories 🙄

  12. ache in my soul says:

    98.5% very very old one. U should be more creative

  13. MoClippa says:

    Where did the other few percents go? I thought he ran uncontested?

  14. CK says:

    This reminds me of one election episode in Jamaica. When they finished counting the ballots in one constituency there were more ballots for one candidate than there were voters in the entire constituency! ❗

    I wonder which is worse : corruption or dictatorship… 😕

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