Bahrain LUG Announced

BLUG tux

We are pleased to announce the first meeting of the Bahrain Linux User Group!

LUG Activities

Sharing Knowledge: Presentations, Demos, Howtos. Cool and useful applications, tools, and software techniques in Linux and the open source world.

Support: Helping users to install, run and maintain Linux as well as troubleshooting hardware and software problems (as low as that might be!).

Socializing: Share, laugh, get geeky, and have fun!

Taste of forthcoming activities:

  • Running Linux within Windows: vmware, qemu, colinux, cygwin, xming
  • Running windows within Linux: wine, qemu, vmware
  • More secure and reliable internet: ssh proxy
  • Cool Linux Devices: Linux routers, handhelds, PS3, tiny devices (Nokia N800, dd-wrt router)

First Meeting
The first LUG meeting will be held on Saturday 9 June 2007 at 4PM. Although the venue is yet to be decided, do please invite anyone and everyone who would be interested in the LUG, the more the merrier! Please confirm whether or not you can attend by Wednesday 6 June, so that we can make arrangements for the venue. Please fill in a contact form to let us know if you are interested as soon as possible.

The LUG is moderated by my good friend Hasan Al-Eid.

24 thoughts on “Bahrain LUG Announced”

  1. Wow that’s great news ! Shame that I stopped using linux ever since my switch to mac os ! Goodluck though to all Linux users in Bahrain :mrgreen: And now with this out of the way, What about us mac users ? :razz: :twisted:

  2. Why not join the BLUG? you know MAC OSX and Linux are brothers (both are Unix like OS) and you are a Linux user :-)

    One of the goals is Sharing knowledge and we would like to share it with you.

    I myself use Linux as my Work desktop for more than 5 years, and I use both Windows and Linux on my laptop, and at home I use my Mac Mini….

    So, you are invited to our BLUG!

  3. Especially in the ME, there is very little interest in Linux (even at the enterprise level).

    Anyway as a Linux nut, long time user, and recent developer, count me in!

    ps. Fedora 7 will be officially released tomorrow. (some mirrors have the ISOs already. Grab it while it’s hot!)

  4. بما إني مستخدم لينكس, سأحاول الحضور..
    شكراً لكم على هذا المشروع الجميل
    سأحاول إحضار كمية من الأقراص لتوزيعها إذا وصلتني الشحنة الجديدة من الـ ubuntu في الوقت المناسب

  5. oh yeah.. there is one more interesting piece of news… for internet users in Bahrain…………. yup, I guess I’ll stop here :twisted:

  6. I am in.
    I’ve been planning this for some time, but finding a venue was always a problem. I hope with more people joining this will be resolved.

  7. Bahrain Internet Society (BIS) will be honored to host your meetings at its premises. Please let me know if you are interested so we can organize something and show you the place.

    Note: I have sent Mahmood my mobile number and e-mail.

  8. oh yes. I’ve been wondering, since 1999, if it’ll be worthwhile to start an LUG here in Bahrain. I’ve actually registered domains and such but I’ve never had the time (or motivation) to use them.
    it looks like the time has come :)

    9th of june huh.. I hope I will be able to make it

  9. Ahmed Al Balooshi can i know more about the internet society… I am a web programmer and I would love to know more about it. If we have any question how should we contact you.

  10. Hi Bahraini Citizen,

    I don’t want to turn the discussion here towards the Society but you can contact 17822099.

    You can also joing the LUG meeting. I will be there myself. I am very eager to part of it.

  11. well done lug im a big fan of linux and all open source stuff :P i wish i could attend your meeting ,, anyway wish you all the best and one thing for all of you readers “Close your windows and open your minds” :arrow: go for linux :twisted:

  12. You are most welcome Mahmood. Bahrain Internet Society welcomes such initiative.

  13. For the record, this is Hasan Al-Eid’s initiative, not mine. Although I completely support it and will be part of it and look forward to its start.

  14. @ mahmood: Will do once I start my vacation ;) I can be a lazy arse sometimes ! :D

    @ Hasan: Cheers mate ! Well defo drop by !

  15. Good stuff. I used to be a linux nut ( during the period of the wilderness between Os 9.0 and 10.0 in mac land). speaking of, what happened to the mac user group you wanted to setup??

  16. @Loki: Mahmood chucked the ball at me, so I am waiting till my vacation to start, the ground work is already there ! All what we need is me pulling my socks up to get the plan in motion :)

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