Bulbul in the palm

Bulbul in the palm

Bulbul in the palm, originally uploaded by malyousif.

This guy is nesting in one of our ficus shrubs; its nest is intricately woven between stalks, padded on the outside with tissues and has 3 speckled eggs in it.

I think this is the first White-cheeked Bulbul pair who nested in our garden and actually produced eggs. I hope I didn’t disturb their nest enough for them to abandon it.

I’m looking forward to shooting their young when they hatch!

Have a wonderful Friday my friends.


  1. Simon Columbus

    How I would like to have birds in my garden… but they are just sometimes there, searching for food or so. In our last house we had allways birds nesting under the gable: Every morning you woke up with their sqeaking in the ear…

    Have nice day!

  2. Barry

    How special to have birds nest in your garden! We had a pair of blackbirds nest in our garden, but they were incredibly territorial, and anything that wandered near the nest, they would dive bomb and flap within inches of their heads if they weren’t paying attention. Incredibly smart they were too – they wouldn’t fly at you unless they knew you weren’t looking. So, passersby would walk by our house and wave their hands above their heads. It was rather funny to see. Our dog also got hassled.

  3. Anonymous

    If you’re planning on “shooting their young”, would you mind at least telling us if it is for sport, or to feed your family?


  4. Post
  5. Munther

    Mahmood, How on earth do you snap these photos ? I try to get stuff like that all the time but I always fail to either find a camera or get crappy shots ! 😕

  6. Post

    Munther, you gotta get the eye!

    No, it’s just luck.

    SBG I’ll try, failing that, I’ll try to snap the results of such copulations 😆

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