Crybabies won’t leave

Yes, the last episode of television programs are always emotional, look at the finale of the Sopranos for instance, many a tear has been shed by their fans. So what’s so different then when these three grown men weep a flood of tears on air? It’s pretty normal, but ain’t pretty at all, it is in fact quite psychologically disturbing.

Wagdi Ghaneem Salah Sultan and Omar Abdulkafi

No matter. They have sung their swan song and their contentious program has been canceled and pulled off the air (well done BTV!) so you would think that as the program is off now and their services are no longer needed, the talent would now leave to greener pastures? Nope, two of them are sticking around like ticks on a dog. And why not if they continue to get their feeding, and at least one of them has purportedly been promised a Bahraini citizenship and the third who commutes between Bahrain and the Emirates will just lose the opportunity to build up his air-miles, so he might have to settle for holidaying in Oman rather than the Caribbean.

One would be excused for thinking that at least the main program presenter would be thankful for the opportunity the “Television of the Arabic Family” has given him to spread his message and the word of his god, but it seems like almost every other talent he’s really into it for the money and it sounds like he’s not only biting the hand that feeds him:

وبشأن حصوله على المستحقات المالية عن حلقات البرنامج أجاب غنيم: «في الحقيقة لا ادري ما هي الاستحقاقات ولا أعلم عن مقدارها، ولكنهم وعدونا أن تضاف إلى حسابنا واعتقد أنهم قد أضافوها».

As for his receipt of his financial dues for the program, Ghaneem answered: “In truth I do not know what those financial benefits are and I don’t know how much they are, but they promised us that they will add it into our account and I think they did do that.”

Ah, okay, so first he doesn’t know anything about the financial arrangements, then he says that they promised to pay and finally confirms that he has actually received the funds into his account! Gimme a break. Receiving financial compensation for work done is condoned in Islam, so dinne be bashful lad, take it and run!

But running is farthest form his mind. He puts down Bahrain TV and steps on it too in disgust for them canceling his precious program; he’s making it look at he took this job out of pity for Bahrain even though he got better offers elsewhere!

وعلى صعيد متصل كشف غنيم أن قنوات فضائية كثيرة عرضت عليه استضافة البرنامج قائلاً: «في الحقيقة هناك قنوات كثيرة خليجية وعربية كانت تعرض علينا الاستضافة حتى قبل أن يبادر تلفزيون البحرين في الاستضافة، ولكنني آثرت أن يكون الخير للبحرين البلد المضياف الذي استضافني».

Ah well, I guess we should be thankful for him grazing us with his presence. But he still doesn’t get it:

وعما إذا كان هذا القرار يحمل إشارة ضمنية من الجانب الرسمي بأنه غير مرغوب فيه في البحرين قال غنيم: «لا بد أن أشكر البحرين على الضيافة، ولم أر منهم إلا الجميل طوال تلك الفترة، ولكنني لست مرتبطاً بالبرنامج، وبالتالي لا أعتقد أن ما حدث سيؤثر على بقائي في البحرين، ولن ينسحب على نشاطاتنا الوعظية والإرشادية»

On whether this decision [to cancel his program] is a message that he is no longer officially welcome in Bahrain, Ghaneem said “there is no doubt that I have to thank Bahrain for its hospitality, and I I did not see from them anything other than goodness throughout that period, but I am not connected with the program, and as such I do not believe that what happened is going to affect my stay in Bahrain and that he will not withdraw from missionary activities.”

Not wanting to use a 4-pound hammer to drive a small nail, let me put it simply to the respected gentlemen:

You have overstayed your welcome. Feel free to leave, the sooner the better.

Bye bye!

  • AbuRasool
    13 June 2007

    “…so dinne be bashful lad, take [the mone] and run!”

    Or they should be as frank as Frank Zappa. While everybody was talking revolution, back in the 1960s, Mr. F. Zappa and & The Mothers Of Inventionwhile released ” We’re Only In It For The Money”. Those were the good old honest days 😀

  • The Joker
    13 June 2007

    “and I I did not see from them anything other than goodness throughout that period”

    Well you’re seeing it now! GET OUT!

  • هذا ما حصل في ا حد الأيام عندما كنت بالصدفة اتابع رياض الجنة بعد الهجوم عليه من قبل مثقفينا الليبرالية
    أحدهم وأعتقد انه وجدي غنيم قال بالحربف عندما أتى على ذكر الهنود واليوغا الهندية ( القرف ذا ) وصف اليوغا والطقوس الهندية بالقرف
    ولله في خلقه شؤون

    ومع السلامة

  • حسن
    13 June 2007

    لا أدري لماذا الهجوم علي الاشخاص؟ لنكن عادلين في النقد وليكن النقد بناء
    هناك الكثير من البرامج في تلفزيون البحرين تستحق النقد ولكن لندع المشاهد هو الحكم … العجيب اننا نطالب بحرية الرأي والرأي الاخر ولكن عندما يكون الاخر متديتا نحرمه من حرية الرأي وأنا ارى الناس تمدح هذا لبرنامج والقائمين عليه

    وأخي محمود أنا أحترم رأيك لكن بصراحة أنت لاتطبق شعارك لاسني لاشيعي لأنني أراك تصب االنقد على علماء طرف واحد ويسلم من نقدك علماء مذهبك

    أرجو أن لاتفهمني خطأ فلا أحد معصوم من الخطأ والنقد ولكن أرجو الانصاف و تصفية النيات

    لنكن فعلا اخوانا نريد اصلاح المجتمع وكفالة الحرية المسئولة

    ولك مني خالص التقدير

  • mahmood
    14 June 2007

    ولكن لندع المشاهد هو الحكم

    و هذا بالضبط ما فعلته يا أخي، فلما الظن بالأسوأ؟

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