Not much bigger than the people

19 Jul, '07

Being close to the people, without a thick layer of fat in between, is a mark of good governance.

This guy continues to lead, while maintaining his humbleness:

Shaikh Mohammed surprised a local by accepting his invitation for lunch at the citizens home
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Amazing. We need some of this here please. This is the kind of spontaneous PR that earns the love of the people and goes a long way in inculcating unity. There are other steps that need to be taken of course, but this – the ability to be close to the people without “maraseem” – goes a long way.

Hat tip Qassimiyat

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  1. ammar456 says:

    I saw this yesterday; its such a beautiful gesture. Wish we had more of this. Actually, wish we had any of this!

  2. ehsan says:

    What I love about this place is that it isn’t just PR… He does this kind of thing spontaneously, and usually there aren’t any cameras to tell the story.

  3. mahmood says:

    well done him!

  4. f says:

    This person is amazing. In Bahrain, I think
    the Crown Prince is the only person who can
    come close to this.

  5. exclamation mark says:


    In Bahrain there is no need for all that, all what is needed is some honesty, clean treatment and righteousness …

  6. @ exclamation mark:

    This need is everywhere…

  7. chill out says:

    🙁 i want some food now

  8. jayjerome says:

    sorry — but can you explain to a ‘ foreigner’ what’s going on in this photo that’s so remarkable?
    🙄 🙄 ❓ ❓

  9. ammar456 says:

    Thats the ruler of Dubai, eating lunch with the commonfolk. Thats like seeing Bush, inviting him for lunch at your place, and having him come over with no strings attached, security, etc etc. Humble and loved by his people.

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