Friday Slideshow – 20 July, 2007

20 Jul, '07

This time it’s just pictures from my garden, I couldn’t bother going out today! You might want to look at the high resolution pictures I’ve uploaded earlier on Flickr too.

Enjoy, and happy Friday again my friends.

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  1. underthepalmtree says:

    Magnificant, thankyou!!!

    It is amazing how green it is for 42C+. Do you use a sprinkler system, a constant drip or a TCN watering morning and night?

  2. mahmood says:

    The first two and a garden gnome!

    The secret (well one of them anyway) is of course good watering schedule. I’ve installed a separate water tank for the garden with its own pump. That is connected to an automated watering system controlling the sprinklers and the drip.

    The watering times are all during the night or early morning, this way the plants are sure to have something to drink rather than just evaporate immediately it hits them.

    The watering system is the best investment I have put into the garden, well, apart from a lot of labour and love.

  3. mdc says:

    Nothing like a Friday Slideshow even on other days of the week. As usual, I can’t decide what I like best. The lillies are beautiful, but I sure like the opening picture of the Lantanis, and then there is Filbert who is as adorable as ever. Wonderful as always; thanks, Mahmood.

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