The comeuppance of Mohammed Khalid

21 Jul, '07

Mohammed Khalid is one of those controversial personalities. He has gained notoriety by his outward sectarianism. He has not shied away from those controversies but on the contrary, welcomed them! Even the hallowed halls of parliament did not deter him from being involved in not only shouting matches but physical violence which earned a black eye for his troubles.

He has a propensity for wasting the parliament’s time as well in chasing what he calls (and has become infamous for) Satan Worshipers and other ghosts, all of which are presented with an Islamist twist.

Mohammed Khalid, like others of his ilk on either side of the political spectrum, has copiously demonstrated his inability to differentiate between the roles of a politician and a preaching cleric, it is this last failing which has resulted in the Sunni Endowment Board finally becoming fed up of his antics and slapping a gag on him by not allow him to once again preach his version of extremist Islam and sectarianism in Bahraini mosques.

Not wishing to acquiesce to that request, or at the very least be intelligent enough to perform some soul searching to discover the reason for such a decision, he has now willingly involved the parliamentary bloc to which he belongs to politicise this ban even further; once again demonstrating that their version of Islam is just another political tool which is malleable enough to reshape into whatever they wish it to be.

I am pleased with the decision to stop Mohammed Khalid and think that although the decision is rather late in coming, at least it has arrived; better late than never. I do hope; however, that this is a strategic shift and that other preachers will be monitored and stopped should they start their sectarian poison, or entrench themselves into political or governance issues which most are not qualified to enter into.

I propose that if the government is hesitant in adopting this stance, then let them at least stop members of parliament from leading prayers and preaching sermons, that, I am sure you will agree, is directly utilising houses of worship for political gains and influence, an activity which is completely unlawful in this country.

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  1. bahrainiac says:

    I think the term “Separation of church and state” fit the bill quite nicely! :mrgreen:

  2. yvonne dettwyler says:

    Kudos to Mahmoud our host and Bahreini. I wished every single one of the European countries would adopt this attitude stopping those poison sectarian preachers. There should be no “marriage” allowed between state and religion. Once the latter gets the upper hand
    endless trouble ensues.

  3. Poor guy I feel sorry for him.

  4. doncox says:

    If Sunnis and Shias can get together in Iraq, they should be able to in Bahrain.


  5. abu arron says:

    If Sunnis and Shias can get together in Iraq, they should be able to in Bahrain.

    What? Have I missed a major breakthrough here?

  6. I am a friend of laïcité, but in cases like this the state should eagerly try to stop them spraying their poison. Everything else is irresponsible towards the people (but the best would be people who ignore those preachers, just ignore them…)

  7. exclamation mark says:

    This guy is pure evil …

    Snd proof for that, the dracula teeth he has :mrgreen:

    Wish they’d cut his tongue …

  8. ethan says:

    Cut his tongue? That’s terribly harsh.

    It is certainly true that mosque and state should be separate; but on the other hand, unless the mosques themselves become politics-less…

    Or perhaps it could be a start to ban any member of Parliament from preaching at any mosque, or ban any mosque preachers from serving in parliament, good or ill. God has no place in good human governance, because no human can truly speak for God.

  9. yvonne dettwyler says:

    8 ethan

    “God has no place in good human governance, BECAUSE NO HUMAN CAN TRULY SPEAK FOR GOD.

    MAN/WOMAN look at your flag next to your name.
    You forgot the commander-in-chief speaks with God and God with him personally. Medically apparently schizophrenia.

  10. ammar456 says:

    Gotta love the irony of all this 🙂

    And yes, please, I wish they start separating all religous issues from our parliment. Maybe leave one or two MP’s there just for good guidance, but in general, development needs to be looked at without (the current) extemist religious views, otherwise we will never get anywhere.

  11. ethan says:

    Ahh, base anti-American bigotry, how I have missed you!

    Unless, of course you believe that George Bush -does- speak with God and God with him. None of us believe that, even the President himself. Thinking that would of course make you rather touched-in-the-head yourself.

    But you’d know all about schizophrenia, eh Kraut? What with all the crazy Aryan inbreeding over there!!!

    What? That’s not true? Quel horreur!

    Next time, Yvonne, read the content of the post and respond to the content of the post. Refrain from an attack on the flag of the person who is posting, lest you look like an idiot.

  12. barry says:

    “MAN/WOMAN look at your flag next to your name.
    You forgot the commander-in-chief speaks with God and God with him personally. Medically apparently schizophrenia.”

    Yvonne, so, that means because my stupid, idiotic president thinks he’s a man of God and speaks for him, that means all Americans have to think the same way? Is that what you’re saying? I really hope not, because thats a sad sad opinion to have. If not, what do you mean, because you’re making no sense at all.

  13. f says:

    Mohammed Khalid is a difficult individual. His
    views certainly are difficult to accept.

    Upgrading our education system, awareness of the world as well as providing opportunities, will deter the people from voting for individuals like Mohammed Khalid.

  14. yvonne dettwyler says:

    l2 Barry

    My post pure satire. Mr. Bush is the President of the USA, wears unless in shirtsleeves at all times on his lapel a tiny stars and stripes pin. Mr. Bush claims he speaks for and on behalf of his people. Barry, how can one speak for and on behalf 3oo million people? How does he know everyone is for him and not against him? another one of his beliefs.

    There are 6.3billion people on this globe. Most wouldn’t recognize THEIR flag. A flag same as religion , it neither provides a roof, nor food in one’s stomach, nor clothes on one’s back, nor shelter and warmth in winter., nor a job, nor money in one’s pocket.

    Senseless to start verbal or actual personal attacks/wars for either.

    Pls listen and watch ., hope you enjoy it.

  15. Abdulkarim says:

    One of the shameful things that Mohammed Khalid did was burning the Danish flag. How come a person dares to burn the flag of such a peace loving welcoming country? I can only hope that Denmark and the rest of the EU ban him from seting his foot there.

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