Bahrain to Launch F1 2008 Season

23 Jul, '07

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It’s been announced in Australia just now that Bahrain will be the launchpad for the inaugural F1 race next year! The calendar is still awaiting FIA confirmation, but it looks all set.

The Australian Grand Prix has lost its place as the first race on the Formula One calendar to Bahrain, organisers of the Albert Park event said on Monday.

The Australian Grand Prix Corporation (AGPC) announced that the March 16 event in Melbourne would be the second race on the 2008 calendar and would start 90 minutes later than usual, at 1530 local time, to cater for European television audiences.

“Bahrain will stage the first race,” a spokesman for the AGPC told Reuters.

The dates and calendar order are subject to final confirmation from the FIA, Formula One’s governing body.

Congrats Bahrain!

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  1. f says:

    That is GREAT NEWS! 😀

  2. abood says:

    nice :mrgreen: shame I won’t be around to see it
    will it still be called the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix, what with the mess GA is in now…?

  3. mahmood says:

    Ooooh Abood, I’m really refraining from talking about Gulf Air at the moment! (like will the new new route to Zurich be scapped now that Dosé has been thrown out?)

    But to answer your question, I hope that it will continue to be called the GF GP.

  4. I wrote about this today and added a few links, the reason behind this is that Bahrain has the Best timing for most of the countries around the world, and in order for Aussie land to meet this timing they have to do a night race like what will be done with the soon to come Singaporean grand prix, however, the organizers of the Australian GrandPrix refused to do a night race in the coming years.

    I really think the Night race Idea is way too cool and will add a new flavor to the Formula One Scene, specially with the new changes in regards of the Manual shifting and the lack of traction control.

  5. Ian says:

    It makes a lot of sense to have Bahrain as the first race. The TV audience from Europe and the US is so much greater than with Australia. That fact alone must have weighed heavily on Mr. Ecclestone’s conscience after seeing that 500 million viewers watched when Bahrain was the first of the series. It really seemed only a matter of time.
    It will be interesting to note if the Brass Budgie (Gulf Air) will still be involved . . . or will still be in existence in April of next year.
    I will wait with bated breath.

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