The girls have met

25 Jul, '07

Gardens of Sand reports that 8 Bahraini female bloggers attended the first ever Female Bahrain Bloggers Gathering and it was rather surprising and enjoyable!

Well done ladies. May your gatherings continue to be fun, friendly and fulfilling. And a big hand to the organisers.

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  1. H. says:

    I was toying with the idea of crashing the meeting. At our last (regular) meeting I was dared by silveroo to come in total disguise wearing a full gear of abayah and niqab (Jacko’s style?) and on the condition that I perform some sort of dance.

    Shame I was out of the country, I could’ve showed off one of my latest acquisitions, the iNiqab (has iPod support and wifi connection)


  2. hahah lol iNiqab

    Nice the girls have met, everybody knows how important the woman is in building any society apart from some idiots who think that women are to be faceless soundless obeying any order by the almighty man creatures.

    let’s hope they tackle important issues & share their voice with us men inorder to build a civilized nation.

    damn I sound like those people in the news broadcast lol.

    In other words we need to see women speaking up so we can know how those weird species think.

    😀 :p

  3. ash says:

    I misread this as the “worst ever Female Bahrain Bloggers Gathering” which was sort of funny though probably only to me … 😕

  4. NewMe says:

    yes we have met…
    and it was a blast…
    as usual, it was a last minute decision…
    but i have to say, enjoyed it to the very last minute…
    meeting with such beautiful minds brightened my weekend…
    and i am looking forward the next ones and will watch- out form “niqabes” 😆
    wishing u luv…

  5. Yes we met, I am glad that I was in the country while it happened. Gr8 ladies! It brightened my weekend too!

  6. Redbelt says:

    That is sexist!

    imagine if I called “an all male bloggers meeting”. I would be called sexist and very gay indeed.

    yeah, but FEMALE bloggers. Well done.

    Coming soon: Slumber party and make up session.

  7. H. says:

    @Redbelt: Poker night?

  8. Butterfly says:


    It was not sexist, Naief joined us so it was not a 100% female meeting 😀

  9. Redbelt says:

    I don’t care.
    we better do a “male” bloggers thing. like a bbq-sports watching- diy making night.
    burping encouraged.

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