Friday Slideshow – 27 July, ’07

27 Jul, '07


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  1. yvonne dettwyler says:

    Hello Green Thumbs! your garden coming along beautifully. Congratulations. Where is Filibert? How are the frogs? Let us know next friday please.

    May your garden bring you all the joy, I am very sorry for the terrible mess in process. Keep my fingers crossed and may your evil eye talisman help!!

  2. mdc says:

    Colors are just wonderful, flowers are beautiful as always, and the different textures of the plants are very interesting. Oh no; Yvonne and I are in agreement for once 😳 well at least about your green thumb. I’m not into that voodoo stuff :mrgreen: , but what ever works for her.


  3. mahmood says:

    glad you enjoyed it! I actually thought I’d skip today as I woke up feeling rather lethargic. I’m glad that I did it though, even though it was stiflingly hot and humid. I was dripping with sweat by the time I got in the house again.

  4. barry says:

    Beautiful slideshow, and a great song (usually, I’ve never heard of the artists you pick 😀 ).

  5. mdc says:

    Well, I’m sure I am just one of many who appreciates that you took the time to put it together for us to enjoy. I particularly liked the foliage shots in this video and found them to be very interesting. Believe it or not, I sometimes watch the Friday video two or three times on Friday and a couple of more times during the week. :mrgreen: Good stuff.

  6. mdc says:

    Thanks also for listing the names of plants on your flickr pictures. I’ve been wondering what Gomphrena was for a few weeks.

  7. yvonne dettwyler says:

    2 mdc

    thanks awfully for the flowers says the old battle ax:

    Yvonne and I are in agreement for once well at least about your green thumb. I’m not into that voodoo stuff , but what ever works for

    this no voodoo unless the pharoes practiced voodoo. Ever saw a Pharaonic eye? supposedly to ward off the evil eye/spirit?. The eye found in the monstrance (catholic churches) and the Freemasons use it. In the Islamic world people wear anything blue a colour they think will distract those with the evil eye. In the Maghrebi villages doors painted blue for the same reasons, also in the Yemen. Possibly in Bahrein? up to Mahmoud to tell us. This is the reason for Mahmoud’s decoration.

  8. mahmood says:

    It isn’t actually! I liked it when I saw it in a handcrafts centre which is also an NGO to help children in Amman, Jordan during my last visit and I bought it because I liked it aesthetically. Other than that I don’t believe in hocus pocus crap!

  9. Yvonne Dettwyler says:

    neither do I, just explaining it isn’t voodoo.Very aesthetic, form, colour, arrangement.

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