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27 Jul, '07

please register. It doesn’t take much to do so and if you don’t believe me just have a look here. I get hundreds of spam every day and apart from the manual labour that I have to go through them to rescue whatever is genuine, it slows down the site and taxes the server as this site has become a magnet for spamming bastards.

So do me and yourself a favour, just register and you will be able to comment to your heart’s content. To reassure the paranoid amongst you, I will never willingly divulge your name or email to anyone. Please read the site’s privacy statement and other site policies if you are that concerned.

Also, it is so easy to create a new email account on the many free services so you can use it with your registration here (and elsewhere) and the insignificant trouble is worth it as no one will be able to steal your identity. The system only allows unique names and unique email addresses.

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  1. It drove me crazy the first time, but now I have saved my password to my favorites so no more suffering to me. 🙂

  2. mahmood says:

    you could change your password to something that you could remember once you have logged in the first time. Just go to “Site Admin” and change it there.

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