Bloggers’ Gathering change announcement

2 Aug, '07

It has been unanimously agreed that the gatherings henceforth will change to the first Saturday of the month, rather than Thursdays.

The gathering time has also been changed to 11AM, as well as the venue which will now be at Dolce Cafe by Nasser Pharmacy opposite the Ahli club in New Zinj.

The first gathering in this “new era” will be on September 1st at 11am at Dolce Cafe. Please mark your calendars accordingly and we hope to meet you then!

I’m sure Mohammed Maskati is happy now and I hope that he mentions this in his podcast tomorrow.

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  1. moodZ says:


    And you can lead the noon prayer right afterwards!

  2. mahmood says:

    yay! finally I can do what I always wanted to do! 😎

  3. amal says:

    and then go to CC?

  4. Butterfly says:


    I think we didn’t put this into consideration when we discussed this last night. Can we change the timing to 10:00 a.m.?

  5. mahmood says:

    10 is actually a much better time for me. Anyone to second this?

    Amal, whatever turns you on babe, I’m game! 😈

  6. Ammar says:

    Sounds good; see you on September 1st then, whether 10 or 11.

    Whats CC?

  7. mahmood says:

    ah, that would be telling. making sure you come to the gathering to find the answer!

  8. Guess what – that’s my birthday! I might make you sing for me, Mahmood…

  9. mahmood says:

    Babe, on that morning I shall ask everyone to serenade you and I’ll even bring my son’s guitar and make silly faces while attempting to strum its strings!


  10. Sounds perfect! Be warned, I’m going to hold you to that!

  11. mahmood says:

    As long as you promise not to take pictures! 😛

  12. tawfeeq says:

    I will be lead the noon prayer!!
    Good timing
    I will show up
    bint battuta
    I will bring the gift

  13. mahmood says:

    No way, I’m the eldest so it is my utter right to lead you in prayer. Get ready!!

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